Top 6 Reasons that Makes Swift Better than Objective-C

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Swift is a programming language that is used in Apple devices. Apple develops it, and it takes over objective-c. Before swift, objective c is used in Apple devices, but it has some faults, then Apple invented a new language for own devices that can make it more secure and easier, so swift is introduced. Swift has many advanced features that we will discuss here in brief.


Swift is very easy language comparing to c and objective c. Objective C is released to overcome the problem of c language. But swift is a new invention, and it overcomes to all kinds of language, and it is easy to program than any other coding language and programmer love to use this. It lessens our code size like if you are making a program in objective c and it has 1,00000 lines of code, then id you will develop your code with swift, then you have to code only 30,000 lines of code. Swift has many advanced features that make it more robust and more easy that’s why within short time duration swift has taken over objective c. We can easily make our Apps using swift programming language.


If we want to improve our efficiency in c language, then the developer had to maintain two files of code, but in swift these types of requirement, we don’t have. In swift, due to LLM and Xcode, we do not need to create two files. In swift, we create two code files as .h and .m, but in swift, we create one code file as .swift. So, this type we can maintain swift easily. In objective c, when we create two code file, then it takes more time, and we have to do more work, but swift makes our all process easy. In objective c, we manually synchronize method name and files, but swift eliminate all this process and help us to manage it in an easy process.

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Swift programming language makes our Applications secure and robust. By the help of Swift, we can make our Apps more advanced and highly reliable because many security features are inbuilt in it and by accessing them, we can make our Apps security tighter. Security is demanded in the IT world first and Apple serves the best security to their gadgets and Apple is prominent for its security. That’s why; we can quickly make a secure App with the help of swift languages.


In objective c, for adding two files we use string, and it makes our code size big, but if we use swift, then we can quickly add two files by “+” operator. This functionality is not available in objective c. Swift also reduces code complexity and provide us an interface that makes our Application development easy. It also reduces our code size too much, and by using swift, we can make our Apps in one third code line comparing to objective c. So, it is helping us to make our App in less code and save our lot time and at that time, we can implement advanced features in our Applications.


Apple is too much dedicated to improving its products and services that are made it great and veteran in IT worlds and it is known for its kind of services and advanced technology. As we know that Apple recently released swift 4.0 a version that is an advanced version of the Swift language. It helps us to eliminate our code size because if our code size will be short, then our App will load fast and it will work more smoothly and faster. Swift helps us to make our App fast.

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Recently, the swift upgrade itself to a new function that is a dynamic library. It allows the old version to migrate new version. In the dynamic library, we have a few code lines that allow us to transfer our old App to the new App. It is used in IOS 8 and its above version of the operating system. It helps us to make IOS more responsive and more users friendly.  The dynamic library plays a vital role in the IOS App development, and iOS developer loves to use this because this is important features of swift.

Before introducing swift language, objective c is used in App development, and all Apps are developed by the help of this language but after releasing the swift App, it has changed total scenario, and it is leading Apple to a new height. As we all know that Apple is prominent for it kinds of high tech and advanced technology and services and Swift language making it more aggressive and more advanced.

After introducing of swift, we can easily develop our App because due to this many advancements is seen by using Apps like easy to develop, more secure, advanced and easy to understand and much more like this. At present, swift 4.0 a version is working and it is counted in an important step in Apple success. So, this type we can easily understand why swift is better than objective c.

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