10 Best News Apps for Android

Apps for Android

The use of internet connection has changed completely the way people view news. It has given people an opportunity to roam inside the web to find news.

News apps

There are various news apps for android that can help one be organized in finding the kind of news that he or she needs. Most of these apps allow one to source multiple places at once. They include;

  1. Feedly

This is one of the most popular news apps that is used widely. It has an RSS reader which allows one to pull feeds from a variety of sources and sites. The app has integration with Facebook, OneNote, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ever note and many more others. The app gives easy access to the news using your computer or mobile phone. The app together with the service that it offers is free.

  1. Flip Board

Flip board works like the Feedly app. In this app, one is able to create a custom feed with his or her most favourite sites and sources of news and any other place. This app differs from Feedly in the sense that it is more flashy. It consists of animations that look fun; its images are large and have the UL which appears like one of the digital magazines. It also has additional features that can be used for more discoveries while roaming. The app is available and can be used for free.

  1. Google App

This is considered the most excellent source of news. Its feeds are regarded as the most decent too. For instance, one is able to see things such as the weather, any articles that contain news of his or her interest and more useful information. It has a Google voice which acts as its assistance. The app and all the services it offers are free.

  1. Inoreader

This is one of the recent and upcoming news apps. It functions like the Feedly and one are required to have a newsreader that he or she can easily customize his or her own tastes. The app consists of 28 topics that are pre-made for those people who don’t want to dig and find their own sources. The app can easily track what one loves to read, selection of decent topics and gives offline support. The app is completely free and good for those people who don’t want to do much work in setting their feed up.

  1. News Republic

The app seeks news from over 2500 sources. One instructs the app the kind of news that he or she wants to read and the app then uses its source to give the news that is light to your brain and easy to understand. The app also consists of news that is trending and one can easily customize his or her own experiences. In this app, one can subscribe or use it freely.

  1. Pocket

This is one of the news apps that is unique. It doesn’t have any content but tends to save any content that one may stumble across during the day. The app has offline support, reading experiences that are decent and good discovery features. The app offers storage that is unlimited and always helps one to stay organized.

  1. The Guardian

This is one of the most respected apps in journalism. It aids in delivering that news that is international as well as fresh perspectives on American politics. The app is very simple to robust, navigate and has deep dives that are investigative in nature. Videos and many more features keep one always updated. One can easily customize his or her own homepage through signing on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to start following those columnists and critics that are interesting.

  1. Smart News

As the name suggests, the app is designed in a clever manner in that one is able to read all the breaking headlines across the world. It displays the news categories as taps at the top of the screen. All one is required to do is to swipe from one news to another.

  1. USA Today

This is a colourful and bright app that is packed with large images. This enables the app to grasp one’s attention without letting it go. The app has news, celebrity, weather, photo galleries, and gossip plus many other features that one would like to read. It also has offline support.

  1. BBC News

This android app is used to deliver what is going on around the world. It has a wide range of topics that might be interesting in reading. It has its origin in Britain and it is widely used around the world. It supports the offline mode making it more suitable for most people. The app also delivers news round the clock TV.

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