Top SEO Strategies for the Google Voice Searches

Top SEO Strategies for the Google Voice Searches in 2018

 With the new technological advancements, you can use your voice to get search results from the web. You can simply tell your browser what you want and within a split of a second, you will have it.

Wondering how? Voice searching is one of the most increasing internet search options we have in the world today. You are not required to type anything. Instead, you just need to say it though it does not talk back, like when having a real conversation with a real person. It’s just like having a normal conversation with your friend. The only difference is that it takes in your command and gives feedback in writing.

Voice search facts

Let’s look at some voice search facts established after last year’s analysis that will interest you! Voice search took the third position in the SEO trends for 2017 and beyond. Google CEO reported that voice searches amounted to one-fifth of total searches. It’s a thing. Also, Voice labs reported a total of 33 million voice devices in the market and in use today.

These interesting facts about voice searches are an eye-opener to any business owner. It’s time-saving and will help you stay on top of the game. Business owners should think of embracing new effective technology. Failure to do that, any business owner will see their business close down just because they can’t keep up with the rest of the world! It’s a bad thing. What’s the solution here? Voice searching should be one of the habits you should train your staff to rely on. It’s a big deal. So is your business.

However, the following guidelines will help you know how to optimize your voice search

Create Mobile-friendly website

You need to know how to talk to your phone! The device cannot read your mind; you simply need to tell it precisely what you want. Look at it in this way, using voice search is the same as asking someone for something, and this follows a specific protocol. For example, asking your friend sitting on the other side of the table to pass you a spoon or salt, you don’t just say “spoon” or “salt”. You use comprehensible sentences like, “Hey Jane, pass me that spoon.”

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Similarly, voice search requires good communication. The only way of getting accurate and better results is by using specific keywords, explain to it what you want to know, ask questions, be specific and use correct terms. For example, when asking for let’s say, where you can get quality laptops in a certain computer shop. You say “where can I get quality laptops in Texas?” But not saying “quality laptops”. The feedback will be precise and faster, hence saving you the struggle.

Create a Google my business account

If for example, let’s say Google is your favorite search engine, optimize Google my business and create an account for your business. In this way, the search will enable Google to provide more information which is relevant to your business.

Create an FAQ page

Find out what other people are frequently searching for. This is very important because it will keep you updated on what people are really interested in from your business. You will know what kind of services your customers prefer and at which prices, according to what they search for. Having frequently asked questions (FAQ) on your website increases the chances of your website appearing in Voice searching and Google “Featured Snippets”.

Google Featured snippets

Featured snippets are the summary sentences appearing on top of the search page before the outline of related and “may be useful” links, though not all searches have this feature. Featured snippets will enable you to know if the information you have requested for is what you are looking for.

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Repeated searches

Allow your search engine to understand the reason as to why you want the information you are asking for. For instance, repeated searches on the same topic will display that you didn’t actually get the information you were looking for, that’s why you keep coming back. Therefore, search results will be different from the previous, and more useful.

Frequently update your website

Allow your clients and potential clients to find you faster by providing updated information on your website about the business. Your current address, working hours or contacts available on your website will help clients track you faster.

Use Schema markup

Though it might be a new vocabulary for many marketers out there, schema markup enables you to stay ahead of your business competitors. The information on your site will go to your source code so that the search results are relevant and useful to you.

Frequently test the responsiveness of your website

Google is the largest and most common search engine on the web. Therefore, you should you test your website responsiveness to make sure that it complies with Google recommendations. One way of achieving this is by using Word Press themes and other software, for example, Google mobile-friendly tool. Also, make sure you use websites like PageSpeed Insights or that you design your website to load faster. Websites like can give you content breakdown and waterfall graphs showing what is affecting your website loading

In conclusion, for better search results and business growth, the above-mentioned recommendations should be taken into consideration.

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