The Ultimate Secrets of PPC Management Agencies

The Ultimate Secrets of PPC Management Agencies

 You can call them secrets, but in reality, they’re smart tactics that expert PPC management professionals use to keep campaign performances on the track and optimized over time.

Here’s a list of strategies that separates professionals from amateurs and helps them drive incredible ROI for AdWords PPC campaigns:

#1 Meaningful Keyword Strategy

Professional PPC management agencies spend a considerable amount of time on keyword analysis. Local keywords work best for local PPC campaigns. Long-tail keywords consisting of three or more words, work better on desktops and tablets than on smartphones. To know which type of keywords to use in a campaign and to develop the right mix, a professional agency conducts in-depth research into business, audience and campaign objectives.

#2 Negative Keywords Lists

Professionals providing white label PPC management services know that negative keywords are a great way to save money on non-converting keywords and irrelevant site traffic. While managing a campaign, they identify specific keywords that do not lead to conversions but instead only lead to wastage of ad spend. They make a list of these negative keywords and attach them to ad groups or campaigns so that ads don’t show up for them. For accounts with multiple campaigns, a professional agency may even create a master negative keyword list if required.

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#3 Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Not many people know the benefits of enabling Dynamic Keyword Insertion for an ad. This feature allows you to update an advertisement based on a user’s search term by inserting a keyword in your ad copy. This helps an advertiser serve an ad with ad copy that resonates with a target audience. However, to avoid awkward wording, trademark violations, and ad spend wastage, this feature should be used judiciously and only by professionals experienced with using it.

#4 User-Friendly Landing Page

When you’ve got the right keywords and ads to attract clicks, you don’t want to ruin it by sending users to a generic web page or a poorly designed landing page. That’s why leading agencies offering PPC management services recommend creating dedicated landing pages that load quickly, have content that’s relevant to the ad and include a strong call to action. Modifying landing pages till they’re optimized is essential to enhance the user experience, increase conversions, reduce bounce rates and obtain a higher Quality Score.

#5 Rigorous A/B Testing

A/B testing is a crucial part of regular and white label PPC management that allows users to select the improve click-through rates and conversion rates. A/B testing is inbuilt in AdWords and should be used for bids, keywords, ad copy, and landing pages to identify the best performing variations. The secret to successful A/B testing is clearly defining goals before starting to test or else you’ll just be wasting time and energy.

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#6 Targeting Specific Locations

After seeing which locations are generating the most traffic, a professional white label PPC management may use geo-targeting tools and adjust bids to the target audience in a specific area or set of locations. Including the name of the target location in an ad (especially title) and enabling location extensions and call extensions are other ways to increase ad relevance to a local audience, encourage click-throughs and make it easier for customers to contact you.

#7 Targeting Specific Periods

A smart AdWords management agency uses ad scheduling to display ads at certain times of the day or particular days of the week. You can also use it to set bid adjustments for specific days and times according to your peak conversion periods. Ad scheduling is a useful tool to maximize ad exposure when audiences are most likely to search online for your products. You can also use it to run ads during business hours to ensure someone is around to handle customer queries.

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