Best Android Apps Outside Google Play Store

Apps Not Available on Google Play Store: Everyone in this world is using smartphones and downloading the Apps from the Google App store. Ya, Google Play store is huge Store with Millions of Apps inside it and adding the new app daily. Even Though there some useful apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. Here You can find these Missing apps in the Google Play Store and how they are helpful to you.

Most of them think is there any apps available other than Google Play Store?. Yes, There millions of applications available outside the Play Store. These Applications are available in the Emulator or in the APK format. It is easy to download and install on your device. Before installing these applications, be sure to enable the Unknown Sources on Settings. Some of the apps may harm your device if you download it from the wrong place. So, make sure to download it from the right place and install them at your own risk.

Let’s Have look at the best Android Apps outside Google Play store in simple words below.

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 Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an Application that gives you the full control of the App permission of the app installed on your device.  That’s mean you can modify the app permission of the app function like Backing up, restoring, deleting excessive advertise. Mainly it used in the Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to remove ads from the websites.

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To install the Application on your Android Device you have to root your device. Is this that useful app to root the device and use the App?. Ya. Just check the Features below and you will come to know about it.

  • Remove ads from Apps and games
  • Removes license verification
  • Modify App Permission.

WiFi Kill

Wifi Kill application that provides the complete control of the Wifi network. Already I am having full control of my wifi network then what’s special in it?. Yup, by using normal wifi apps you can just check the device connect, mac address, bandwidth settings. But with the WiFiKill can disconnect any device that is connected to your network and set a unique bandwidth to your device. Let’s See some of the Basic features of the WiFi Kill.

  • Allows to check the Data Transfer rate
  • Monitor the activity of the Device connected to Wifi.
  • Disconnect any device connected to the wifi.
  • View the name of the device connected to the Wifi.


Tubemate is a downloader application used to download the Youtube Videos. Due to the Google restrictions, it has been removed from the Google Play store. Its only workings are to download the youtube videos.

  • Download all formats and resolutions of videos on Youtube.
  • It also supports to download videos from Facebook, Instagram and many more.
  • Also, Download the video file in the Audio file format.
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But be aware that APK is download from the trusted websites because if some of the Apk may harm your device. That Why downloading and installing the Application is at your own risk.


NetEase is a Music Application. This Application is specially made for the Music Lovers. In this Application, you can hear the songs online and download the songs too. Actually, There is a much online application on this Google Play Store, what makes it different from them?. Actually, Every Application will ask for the Subscription or too many Ads displaying on the screen. In the NetEase, there is no Subscription and No Ads displayed.

It has a lot of features in it and downloads unlimited songs of all the languages of all Genres. No need to Pay a Penny for all your downloads. Also, it has features to see the lyrics of the Songs within the app.


Hope that Best Android Apps Outside Google Play Store are helpful to you. Download the Application and enjoy using it. Our Team had researched a lot and find out the best application outside the Google Play store. If you are in need of any application and installation procedure, Just feel free to Comment Below. Out Team will reach you with a Perfect Installation Guide.

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