Is MangaStream Down? Top 6 Mangastream Alternative

mangastream down

What is Mangastream?

Maybe you are one of those who roam the Internet looking for better ways to read your favorite Sleeves. On the other hand, do you know what Mangastream is?

Manga is a term used for comics created and published in Japan. The word Manga means “comic and cartoon.” However, Manga is not only popular in Japan. It has gained international popularity since the 1950s.

Is Mangastream Down?

A hard blow for manga readers. Yes, Mangastream is gone. A report from the TorrentFreak portal reports that Mangastream, one of the most extensive manga scanning and translation websites on the entire Internet, has closed indefinitely.

Mangastream on Social Media

Mangastream Twitter and Mangastream Facebook have disappeared without leaving any trace through an advertisement or publication.

What Happened to Mangastream?

The closure of this manga repository would have been a demand imposed on those responsible for the page by Shueisha, the publisher of some of the most popular Manga on the market, such as Dragon Ball Super, One Piece and Boku. Not Hero Academia, under the crimes of intellectual property infringement before the United States courts at the beginning of the year.

And it is essential to remember that these web pages that abound on the Internet are illegal sites. Although they translate these works from Japanese to other languages ​​such as English or Spanish, scan the sleeves and distribute them on the network infringing the right to intellectual property that Japanese publishers have on them.

The closure of Mangastream is not the only case recently reported regarding sites that distribute Manga illegally. The portal Jaimini’s Box, another website dedicated to these activities, will stop scanning and translating the Shukan Shonen Jump, Shueisha’s weekly magazine, and will be devoted to making animations for the Internet. In this way, the group has chosen to stop dedicating itself to works like One Piece, Black Clover and Dr. Stone not to be sued by the publisher.

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Latest Mangastream Alternative Sites?

Here we have listed top 6 latest Mangastream replacement sites.


It is a website with an extensive catalog of Japanese comics. It provides a news section to be updated on the next writings available on the web.

It contains an option called Latest Updates that allows you to see the latest books uploaded to the web, along with a rating section, which shows content based on user ratings.

Besides, it has a mobile application obtained directly from the platform’s server in APK mode for Android or in a compressed file for iOS.


If you want to find out where to read Manga, this is an excellent option for you.

It is mainly used for having a beautiful interface to use. Provides the Browse alternative where it displays search customization options.

For example, it lets you sort functions in a predetermined order and adds a specific genre. Add to the library to save content when registered on the page.

Finally, it contains a relatively customizable and efficient reading manager.


It is a fairly complete anime viewer that allows you to register for a free or premium version as you prefer. The latter is a fairly inexpensive alternative since it only costs $ 8 a month.

It contains the option of new features to view anime updates worldwide. It also allows you to see a series associated with the Manga directly.

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It also offers the option to customize the main page in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, or Italian. Finally, it is capable of being used on any electronic device.


Tumangaonline is a secure website that allows you to register directly to receive the latest updates.

This website to watch Manga online for free offers anime players in Spanish that are customizable in sharpness effects mainly. Also, it allows you to see the ratings of the content before entering your reading.

It contains the option to see searches by Genre to facilitate the location of a specific anime. In addition, the website has a forum where multiple people share their experiences with the content it presents.


It is a platform that has the most popular sleeves of the moment. It has an application available on Google Play, although they also have an APK that requires little storage.

It contains the Advanced Search alternative that allows you to set a default genre and a specific sort order to find Manga easily.

Manga Park

Manga Park has more than 50,000 manga available, including the latest ones published by Japanese publishers. Its main page allows us to choose a genre to facilitate the search directly.

It allows you to create a user through Gmail to acquire first-rate information about the upcoming comics on the page.

In addition, it offers the option of configuring the order of the content to be displayed and the messages that will appear on the screen and the ability to manage the reading history. Without a doubt, one of the best pages to see Manga of the moment.

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