Tips to Create SEO Optimized Content That Can Appeal to People

A person may be an expert in his field, but if he does not have the knowledge of how to present his composition on the web, he will remain in the shadows forever. Everyone knows that good writing is mandatory for the effective promotion of a website’s ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but how does one go about producing SEO optimized content that is also interesting to read. The following tips may shed some light on this topic.

1. Topic Selection

Wise picking of a subject which people want to know about is required, preferably with command over it and if not the case then one should never hesitate in taking outside help like reading reference works or talking to experts. Well-researched and thought-out articles always stand out and help in an increased number of visitors who may also recommend the item to others resulting in traffic growth.

2. Keyword Research

A person will reach your website only if the matter that you posted has the right combination of words and this fact makes choosing them extremely vital. Listing out the phrases being used for searching your topic and then using them naturally and seamlessly in the body is crucial as the thoughtless stuffing will not only put the reader off, it may also be blocked by Google as spam. The words should be included in the title, first 300 words and the first two header tags and after that to avoid being repetitive, one can use their semantic variations which are also recognizable by search engines.

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3. Content Organization

Fresh and unique content is one of the surest ways to increase traffic, but it takes a lot of hard work and patience to create it. Making notes while studying the topic and referring to them instead of the sources,   while composing works as it helps in avoiding plagiarism which if detected may lead to downgrading and even removal of the website from the search engine’s index. The language should be simple with easy-to-understand words and if any difficult terms are used, explain them in an uncomplicated way.

A visitor has landed on your page looking for some specific information and this makes the length of the item very important as a too-short one would not have much information and a long one will be boring to read. Further, if all the data is not displayed in an orderly fashion, he can be easily put off, and for that writing in short paragraphs and using lists can be beneficial while helping an appealing presentation. The description should be done in a logical way with graphs or other aids accompanying the relevant text making the article seem well organized.

4. Grammar and Editing

Many writers do not pay attention to their work before uploading, thus creating a bad quality product that can never be treated as SEO-optimized content. Developing a habit of reading what has been written multiple times in order to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors apart from gauging its readability is beneficial. Punctuations- commas, full stops, dashes should be used to break long sentences and increase your readability quotient.  Correct language is extremely helpful in improving the standard as well as the SERP rankings of the site as guests may come back again and may even endorse the site to others.

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5. Visual Aids

Plain text can be boring and one can always enhance it by adding static images, GIFs, and videos which are related to the written material and can add value to it. Users like to visit visually appealing sites but keep in mind that the images used are optimized for search engines and their file size is not too large which may lead to slow loading speeds.


SEO optimized content writing is mostly confused with keyword stuffing but we hope that the above-mentioned points help clear that confusion and make things clearer for you.

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