5 Mobile Applications for Campaign Management

5 Mobile Applications for Campaign Management

Whether you are a freelancer or a Digital Marketing Manager at an online store. Trends have changed, people have moved from brick and mortar to electronic commerce, from traditional billboards to online display adverts, with this changes digital marketers have to cope up and manage time for many things happening at the same moment. So, we came with these 5 applications to make your life easier and manage your projects or business from your mobile device – anytime, anywhere. These apps are available for Android and iOS devices.

Following are the must-have apps for digital marketers of 2018:

1.Google Analytics

This beauty is on top of the list because it gives you access to all the real-time data and reports of your website’s performance. If your online shopping website is about to go for a Black Friday campaign, you really need this application on your mobile for a hassle free check and balance of your campaigns from anywhere. The user interface is very convenient, there are various tabs you can select from to review your desired data.

2.Google AdWords

If you are into pay-per-click and specifically Google AdWords, you need this application to manage and optimize your campaigns. This application gives a variety of functions. It is near to desktop version of the platform. You really won’t feel the difference in the user interface of the application and desktop view but there are constraints when it comes to creating a new search or display campaigns still not a bad deal because you can optimize and see the campaign results via this application.


We all are familiar with TeamViewer; the application provides the same features as the desktop version but you may need a mobile with a big screen for a trouble-free experience. The application has proven itself in the times of trouble when your friend or co-worker needs help – you can help them when you are away from a laptop or desktop. Furthermore, it can be used for meetings or presentations. TeamViewer is free for personal use and only requires an exchange of ID and password between users.


This platform is used by the majority of Digital Marketers to make things easy to manage and coordinate with their co-workers or clients but very few have the application of their phones. This is one of the best project management tool available out there and I would strongly recommend every digital marketer to have this application on their mobile device. Exciting things about Trello is that:

  • It’s free, you just have to sign up.
  • It’s fast and has real-time updates.
  • You can easily use it on any device of any screen size, its user interface is easy to and convenient.
  • You don’t have to tap here and there, everything can be easily accessed from the dashboard.
  • Creating tasks and assigning your team members has never been so much easier.
  • Adding or removing new or current members is easy.


With the coming of WhatsApp and many other chatting applications, Skype has maintained its significance by providing quality video, chatting and file sharing features, although WhatsApp has also introduced the same features Skype is mostly used due to its voice and video quality, mostly used by business and freelancer across the globe. It is still on our must-have application list.

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