Top 5 Tips for Hiring Best PHP Developer or Company

Top 5 Tips for Hiring Best PHP Developer or Company

A PHP developer will be the main driving force of your entire website operation, and it is he who will create your business face in the extreme cut-throat world of the virtual world. If you make an error in hiring the wrong professional, your entire venture might go to waste. There is no room for smugness- it will be your time and money, two of your most precious assets on the line. Hence you must select a proper strategic partner who understands your passion and will strive to deliver the ultimate end product that you have long envisioned. This article will help you to spot the perfect guy in the PHP game.

  • Test His Technical Knowledge

Get technical. That’s the way to know the right. Avoid asking stereotypical questions that may be answered from memory. The person’s technical depth has to be gauged. This can be done by asking technical questions and know-how that can be answered only with a thorough understanding of the programming concepts. They will undoubtedly be prepared for run-of-the-mill questions that can be easily Googled. But a skilled developer will mean something else entirely. Select your questions carefully and make sure that your questionnaire encompasses a total range of technical skill along with personality tests and work experience-related queries (if any).

  • Past Work Experience

If you are looking forward to work with a foreign PHP development company, make sure to get your people right. It is necessary to evaluate the technical details and work experiences of a potential company/employee for hire. Search for customer feedback, testimonials, and project records which should be easily available in case of a reputed organization. Pay close attention to any former project undertaken, which might be similar to yours. Contact the technical staff and project co-coordinators personally and find out if you are comfortable working with them. The quality of work and reduction of turnaround time will be greatly enhanced if you land a suitable developer(s).

  • Knowledge Base
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If your guy is not up to date with the latest trends and technology, he will eventually turn into a liability for your company. Hence, to repeat the 1st pointer, always make sure your staff has a sound knowledge base and is ready to keep it expanding all the time. It will ensure your services are of the first-grade quality and keep your enterprise in demand all the time. Your clientele will be forced to turn to your services to ensure that their business, in turn, doesn’t lose momentum, owing to the highly competitive virtual market. In other words, the knowledge factor of your developer can make or break your company.

  • Communication Skills

The strategic success of your endeavour will be proportional to the degree of your communication skills. The developer must be well acquainted with the several modes of communication such as video calls, voice calls, web and email messages. There will be several times when the client will wish to speak to the developer directly on a Skype video call- something that will require comprehensive communication skills on the part of the developer. Moreover, the developer must also be fluent in English, given that the lion’s share of work will involve dealing in this international language.

  • Attitude
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Attitude matters! A core professional will differ in his work outlook as opposed to a lesser professional. Whereas technical skill sets matter the most, attitude can be the ultimate factor that will determine the working equation between yourself and the developer. You should include many related queries in your questionnaire to find out exactly how amenable your future developer is. Your man should be flexible enough to intake the new trends or tech that are coming out every other day. In other words, flexibility is adaptation and adaptation is essential to survive in the aggressive digital jungle.

Don’t feel awkward in asking questions and clarify your demands to the candidate. If you finally decide to keep him, explain your terms & conditions to him in a crystal-clear manner. The developer should have no confusion in his mind as to what he is expected to deliver in the future and what will be the company landmark. Mention even the most subtle and intricate details and get his consent in writing. Good Luck!

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