Stylizing Bathrooms With Stylish and Functional Shower Screens

Stylizing Bathrooms With Stylish and Functional Shower Screens

Homeowners have their own special corner in their house where they like to satisfy their own splendid taste for designs. For most of them, the bathroom happens to be the relaxation corner where after an exhausting day they get to refresh and relax as per their own terms. A shower is one of the most relaxing activities in a person’s monotonous life. Most people tend to have fantasies and fascinations about long showers.

Starting from shower faucets to hand shower, bathrobes, to expensive shower gels, you must have taken various attempts to make the shower sessions special and enjoyable. But if you have not considered installing shower screens, it is worth considering making shower sessions even more enjoyable. While there are many types of materials available in stylish and functional shower screens, one of the most popular and stylish ones are the glass shower screens. It not only adds elegance to the bathroom, but it is also easy to maintain, affordable, makes the bathroom look spacious as it effectively reflects light.

Functional Advantage of Glass Shower Screens

 Here are some advantages of installing a shower screen made of glass.

  • When you have a shower, screen installed it becomes less likely for molds to build up and even if it does then it is always easier to clean within a definite area.
  • The transparency of the glass helps to draw the eyesight to the farthest walls through the glass walls and automatically the bathroom looks spacious as well.
  • Complete passage of light and no shadow formation and even no absorption of light keeps your bathroom full of light and adds to the glamour.
  • It does not obstruct the visibility beyond the shower screens which helps to enhance the functional efficiency of your bathroom, as all the commodities like for example your toilet seat or the washbasin behind the screen is also visible and can be located easily.
  • You can effectively utilize your window panes to allow light inside and it would prove advantageous since light will not be consumed.
  • Out of the normal taboo of glass being easily vulnerable, shower screens made of glass are toughened glass which is not easily breakable.
  • Easy maintenance, just wiping with a clean cloth and sometimes with a mild cleaning solution to keep it untainted.
  • Whichever color scheme your bathroom may be, while installing a glass shower screen you need not worry about hampering the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom for it goes easily with all decors.
  • Numerous options of glass screens like for example framed, semi-framed, painted, designer, frosted, tinted, or itched or frameless, helps you to customize your bathroom’s look and appeal.
  • When you are purposefully seeking to enhance the value of your property adding stylish and functional shower screens allows you to bestow some really decorative and appealing value to your bathroom. Even at the time of reselling the property, such additions help to attract customers easily for the bathroom looks elegant, stylish and appealing.
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However, while choosing your shower screens it is important to take into consideration certain factors like:

  • Available space
  • Bathroom color orientation
  • The positioning of other bathroom commodities
  • Provision for making all the commodities accessible easily

In case of small bathrooms for instead of framed or semi-framed shower screens, frameless ones can be recommended. They offer a spacious feel to your bathroom since the light is not obstructed anywhere neither your eyesight, which automatically brings a spacious feel and appeals to the entire bathroom. You should consider installing shower screens as it is in fashion and has numerous advantages.

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