Best WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Ranking in Google

Best WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Ranking in Google

When you want to gain more traffic for your website, you get a couple of choices. You can tweet, advertise products on Facebook, and develop email subscribers’ lists & a lot more. But amidst all these, are you missing out on the importance of search engines? Ranking on the first page of Google for any website is necessary as it would mean that the website is an epitome of trust & authenticity. These are elements that are a must for more traffic & leads. A WordPress plugin development company can largely help you in ranking high in Google. Let’s learn how & which plugins do all the work for you.

Boost search rankings with top plugins

Google Analyticator

This WordPress ranking plugin is very popular in today’s time as it lets you review all the details regarding your traffic. A successful website can only come into existence when you apprehend your traffic aptly. Understanding these elements is important that becomes convenient with the use of this plugin.

  1. Preferences of the audience
  2. How to enhance the overall strategy
  3. The browser type of the audience
  4. What the audience does not like
  5. Resolution
  6. Where did the traffic generate from

The plugin coincides extremely well with Google Analytics. Check all information directly on the website with the help of this plugin.

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SEO Content Control

This ranking plugin WordPress works in a particular way. The plugin browses via all of the contents for pointing out the pieces that seem to be weak in terms of SEO. As the plugin pinpoints the areas, you can easily go ahead & make the necessary changes for permitting the page to attain high ranking on Google. You will also understand why some portions of the contents were considered to be weak by the plugin. This will help you to be careful while crafting all upcoming contents.

Yoast SEO

If you want to get hands on the number one WordPress rank tracker plugin, Yoast SEO is the one. With this not only you can craft the best content but also optimize the website. Page analysis tool, functionality of XML Sitemaps and Technical WP SEO are some of the most important features of this plugin.

Yoast SEO helps WordPress plugins to boost traffic as it scans all pages for images for guaranteeing that every image comes with an alt tag. The tag needs to match with the primary keyword as well for the post.

Google XML Sitemaps

If the content of your site is not indexed, then there is absolutely no point. With Google XML Sitemaps as the best WordPress user ranking plugin, generation of a sitemap takes place automatically. Search engines in this manner can index blogs more conveniently. Once the sitemap is fabricated & you are familiar with every setting, all your work is done. The plugin actually does all the work for you. It updates the sitemap after the publishing of every new content piece.

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There will be several basic options that you will need to address but it is important to emphasize on the significance of all content. In case you are unable to understand the mechanism, you always have the option of sticking with the default settings of the plugin.

A pro tip that you must follow is – Through Google Search Console, present the sitemap URL to Google.


If you search in Google with the keyword – WordPress plugin Development Company, you will be astonished to discover how many companies these days are committed to all SEO related tasks. Get hands on a website that grows followers & fans on social networks and makes your business play big. This is possible when you boost Google search ranking with the help of trusted WordPress Google plugin. So get started today for enhancing your website’s SEO.

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