Why You Need to Show an Under Construction Page to Your Visitors?

Why You Need To Show an Under Construction Page to Your Visitors?

It is imperative to use maintenance pages or under construction pages on your blog in the present scenario. Earlier, people used to do the coding from scratch to show a maintenance page. Still, with the availability of UnderConstructionPage for WordPress, you can finish the under construction set up within a couple of minutes. UnderConstructionPage is beautiful, and your visitors will love to see it.

You are working on a design. At that time, you cannot leave your domain empty. You may be fixing some runtime errors, and it may take several days to finish the task. This is the right time to consider an under-construction page.

Many people ask me is an under-construction page responsible for the negative impact on the website?

The answer to this question is a clear ‘NO.’

Good things about an under-construction page

If you are running a website for several years, you have developed a strong bond with your audience. They trust you, and they do not expect a downtime of your website; neither do they want to see a broken site. However, there are several instances when you have to complete the maintenance task. You have to fix a runtime error, or maybe you want to give it a new look. Unfortunately, you may get hacked. At this time, experts will fix the issue, but you cannot neglect your loyal visitors. Showing an under-construction page is the best thing you can do to stay in touch with your visitors.

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Enhance your brand awareness

This provides you a chance to show your apology, and you can also mention the coming soon products and other relevant information.

This plugin will help you upload your logo and add images effortlessly. Posting the images before the product launch is a genuine way to promote your coming products. Instead of people seeing your broken site, this page will let them feel that you want to stay connected. This plugin is ready to use, user-friendly, and straightforward. You will get social media icons and Google analytics support with this.


 You will find it simple and beginner-friendly. You have to drag and drop.

  • You may find it challenging to find the images of your choice. Here you will get more than four lakh searchable images in HD quality. You do not need to pay a single penny for this, as they are royalty-free, and there are more than 400,000 of them.
  • You will get traffic tracking and fast support. You will also get a newsletter module and countdown timer along with this. In case you find it difficult to believe that all these features are available in a single package, then shoot us an email.

Build a professional under construction page within minutes

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A couple of years back, it was a cumbersome job to create a maintenance page. First, you were supposed to choose a WordPress theme to handle the things to facilitate the entire process designing. Now you do not need to be a designer or know a programming language to build a custom page. This is a free under-construction page plugin to show that your website is in maintenance mode.

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