5 Tips for Surviving at the Beach With Your Kids

5 Tips for Surviving at the Beach With Kids

Remember those fun-filled beach visits that you used to make once upon a time before you became a mother?? It seems like ages ago, right? Gone are those days when you could just stuff your bag with a swimsuit, suntan lotion & drinks and head for the sea-side. Now that you have become a parent, the beach seems like a real pain, right? Packing that enormous volume of children’s stuff speaks for itself, let alone having a few drinks to chill out under the sun. Don’t worry. You can still enjoy the stiff breeze and a good tan, along with your kids, if you can follow a specific set of rules religiously.

Pack/Arrange/Rent A Big Canopy( Or Umbrella­)

The most important part of the trip is a well-shaded area for the resting zone. Kids are definitely going to need this under the scorching sun. Prevent any chance of a possible heatstroke under the shade. It will also double for a picnic area during lunchtime. Best way to deal with that irritating but unavoidable sand? Carry a waterproof outdoor blanket with the canopy- dry sand will roll right off it while the wet sand can be easily wiped off.

Carry Plenty Of Snacks For Everyone

Everyone knows this is a must. But still, it would be prudent to point out that you should probably arrange for separate snack-boxes. Given the amount of sand you will have to endure, this is a good idea from the hygienic perspective. If you want some tips for what to pack, try to opt for frozen fruits, organic chicken, yogurt tubes, and fruit pouches. Try to avoid fried stuff, meat, chips, sweetened beverages, dried fruits, or anything that makes you feel bloated and gassy.

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Manage All Your Goods With A Beach Cart

It is tough to enjoy the sea when you have to handle your baggage and little ones at the same time. Get all that children’s stuff on the beach cart along with your own personal belongings. Why carry those assorted bags, cooler, drinks, chairs, beach cosmetics with bare hands when you can easily buy/rent a beach cart. That’s right. You can now hire a cart from rental shops on the beach and move quickly with one hand free of weight.

Take An Inflatable Baby Pool For Crawlers/ Toddlers

If you have toddlers or crawlers with your beach can prove to be a little hectic unless you have a baby pool to keep them busy with. This inflatable pool will give your kids a nice splash, and you won’t have to worry about their safety any more than you usually should.

Bring A Container Of Baby Powder

Odd as it may sound, baby powder can come in real handy when you have to remove wet sticky sand from your body and limbs. It works great, and you can also apply it if anybody gets skin chaffed in the water and the sun.

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