How to Pick the Perfect Oceanfront Condominiums in Myrtle Beach

How to Pick the Perfect Oceanfront Condominiums

Known as the hub of the Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach is a city as well as a vacation resort on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina. It is a 60-mile string of beaches and is known for celebrity-designed golf courses. There are souvenir stands, arcades, restaurants along its beachfront boardwalk, the Family Kingdom amusement park, and the SkyWheel.

Ever dream of owning a condo here where you could always wake up to the sight of a beautiful beach? It might be difficult for you to search for one, especially if you’re not aware of different kinds of oceanfront condos. There’s one particular area along the South Atlantic coast of South Carolina where you can get that view, and that is myrtle beach oceanfront condos.

The money you spend on renting a condominium should be worth every dollar, and that’s why you should also be aware of what benefits you should get from it. There were instances where renters weren’t impressed with the condominium they got right after paying. Read on more to find out what those benefits are if you want your money’s worth.

Checking the state of the entire building

You can find a lot of condos in Myrtle Beach that have been standing for a long time. These buildings can be dilapidated at times, and the condo owners hide these damages with a band-aid solution. Hiding the building damages can fool people into thinking they have the nicest looking condos but regret once they take a careful look at it.

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If you are not careful at choosing, you may find yourself paying for a condominium with cracked walls, damaged ceilings, leaking water pipes, etc. Don’t let the low price lure you in right away without getting the chance to view the entire building from top to bottom. As a renter, it’s your right to know every detail about the condition of the building.

Is the position of the building worth it?

The Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos have different price ranges depending on where the condo is situated. You can find Myrtle Beach condos built across the street, built with an ocean view, built with an angle oceanfront view, or built with a direct oceanfront view. All four have a great view where level 1 is the condo across the street, while level 4 is the direct oceanfront view.

For condos across the street, you can say that you’re near the beach, but what you don’t have is a clear view of the beach. Condos across the street would usually go for as cheap as $75,000. The price might go up if there are any added amenities such as fully furnished rooms, the number of beds a single room has, or how large the bed is.

How about if you want the best of both worlds where you can see the beach while still viewing the street? A condo with an ocean view is perfect for that since this can give you both of these views. These condos vary in price ranges since you can rent a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom condo.

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If you want to view the beach more than the streets, maybe a condo with an angle oceanfront view would be great for you. This level 3 condominium usually comes with a private balcony where you can relax and be lazy. You might still be able to get a glimpse of the street, but this type of condo will give you more of the ocean view.

And lastly, condos with a direct oceanfront view will place you directly in front of the beach. When you take a peek outside of your window, there’s nothing but the beach and the ocean water greeting you. These Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos are probably the most suitable because the beach is a few steps away from you.

You should know the different oceanfront condos so that you won’t have any regrets once you rent one. If you ever plan on getting an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach, you should hire a professional real estate agent to ensure you get a good deal for the type of condo you’ll be renting.

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