7 Effective Link Building Strategies to Elevate Sales

Google algorithms have faded on importance. Though soon after realizing the same, to predict the next link-building tactic is a tough call. But, now with time, Google took control and depicted the way SEO landscape is changing. Keyword and some more keywords, the complete dependency on them is Over!

But, wait, do you mean that the primary element ‘SEO’ is devaluing? The answer to this is not exactly. The dimensions and criteria have completely changed when it comes to Google algorithms and the SEO practices. There was a time when backlinking or building links was of key role, but with constant evolution, it is important to know how to build links to elevate your sales success.

Backlinks are important in Google’s search rankings. It is nearly impossible for a particular site page to rank without contextually relevant backlinks that point to the domain or the page.

Below are seven effective link- building tactics that can help content creators:

Use Infographics To Attract More Audiences

Using infographics for backlinks have been around since forever. It is one of the strategies which would always work. Hire professionals who can offer assistance in creating infographics. SEO content writing services and site owners can pay designers to create stunning infographics. This attracts a larger audience.

Keep A Check On The Competitor’s Website

To start with, keeping a check on the competitor’s works for relevant backlinks can be one of the best ways to escalate sales through linking. The web has around a trillion back links, but only a few are known. When it gets hard for you to get backlinks you can find at least five close competitors that cover similar subjects to your sites and monitor their backlinks on a daily basis. Look for recent works to find relevant back links. Try to understand what value your competitors are providing to these links. Provide values to these links in a similar way. If you have been creating high-quality content on a regular basis, you may explore a few backlinks of your own soon.

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Guest Blogging

An effective link -building plan must include guest bloggers. Contact bloggers who cover similar or related topics as you. A guest blogger would provide you backlinks. The longer the length of the articles more would be the number of back links. Link your blog to the articles you have written and also link the articles you have written on your blog. It would help you get more recognition and become noticeable. Over a period, more people and brands would notice as you gain more traffic. It will drastically improve the quality and quantity of the backlinks to your page.

Surprise With Content

According to Social Media Consultant Mark Schaefer, high-quality content is not as sustainable as controversy. Controversy sells more than quality content. It can help you get more backlinks than quality content. There is more content produced than the amount being consumed.

Use Skyscraper Techniques

This technique can skyrocket your backlinks to your page. Skyscraper Techniques can be defined as content marketing for a link builder. For this method to work, you do not need a huge budget; you just have to link-worthy content. Make the length of your content longer and make the content visually stunning. Once you are done creating the content, start an email outreach campaign.

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Use products by big brands and companies; make them write testimonials and reviews on your page to get blacklisted. Contact the companies personally to get linked by them.

Use Roundups For Links

Link roundups at present are the most underrated source of building links. Link roundups can be defined as a collection of the best links for new resources in a niche. Creators of these roundups publish them on their blogs once a week or month. These links are used in every niche and are an incredibly smart tactic. To find roundups go online. One page contains around 15 to 20 back links. Make contacts with roundup creators as they are always in search of standard content creators. If you bring quality content to them, it would be a win-win situation for both of you. Comment on their roundups to make them feel that you are genuinely interested and not using them for links.

Professional Approach For Content Development

Hire professional SEO content writers and SEO content writing services for your page. A well-executed and written content is the first step in attracting audiences and getting more backlinks. Professional SEO content writers and SEO content writing services can produce high-quality content to increase your readability and visual appeal. It is not possible to create original content consistently a professional SEO content writer and designer can help you out.

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