Content Marketing, the Glossed Over Future

Content Marketing, The Glossed Over Future

Gone are the days when traditional marketing use to rule as the only way to attract customers. With the change in the technology, the creativity in content marketing strategy and techniques has also grown manifolds. Various ideas and techniques are adopted by the SEO services company in Delhi, Gurgaon and countrywide where creating an engaging content for the audience is given top priority.

Reports suggest that 2018 will be an altogether different challenge for the marketers, the winners will be few they say but the one with right components will have all the jackpot.

There are, however, things that can be taken into consideration in order to stand at par with the content marketing plan and its trends.

  1. Creative and  Engaging Content

Publish less, publish well. It’s about time that we realize that it is just not about numerous posts with lengthy articles. The tangibility of the post matters the most; a person will look forward to reading and engage in your articles even if he has found one article good in the past.

Similarly, if they have wasted their time on something irrelevant, chances are that these visitors will tend to avoid all posts, even if you have posted something good and informative. The frequency henceforth should be on the lower side, unless you have something extraordinary to serve your readers every time.

  1. Video Content

As per the reports, a video content is ranked way above than still photos. A video message explaining various tangents of a product or a service is given higher attention because we tend to connect with a life and moving theme more than how much a still photo fascinates us or grabs our attention.

Also, live streaming, which is now considered as the closest substitute to a real life conversation also fascinates the audience a bit too lot these days. People gain a sense of trust when they interact and get responses which are instant and cream.

  1. Apt content Distribution

You spend hours over a content, do everything to make in engaging but what if it doesn’t even reach the desired audience? What good is a content which isn’t aptly placed? There is no point in creating a good content and placing it in an irrelevant shelf where the importance of the quality gets over-looked and gives you nothing in return. In a content marketing plan, the distribution is considered as important as the content itself; it should be made sure that the distribution of the content is planned beforehand and the content after production is placed in the correct zone.

  1. Creating Topic Clusters

One of the most important and promising strategies which are talked about and rooted way too much is building around the topic. Sometimes, in order to attract the audience’s attention, one needs to step out of the box a little bit. Stepping out of the box basically includes revolving around a certain topic and including relevant data which is somehow connected to the main topic and is also engaging enough for the audience to settle and invest their time. A lot of times we do come across topics which are not very engaging or interesting; the creators look out to build around such topics and eventually strike the audience.

  1. More focus on Snippets

People believe in ease, we look out for all possibilities to cut down our efforts and get results as quickly as possible. Featured snippets are not just any other form of content marketing strategy but high ranked search results which appear on the screens directly when we probe Google. No need to get inside a link, no need to scroll and find answers when you can directly get featured on the top of Google search results as it is. Being featured will obviously help you to get way more attention than any other links or answers listed on the same page. On paper, an increment of a whopping 677% in the revenues of RK Merkel was noted by organic visitors, which clearly is a humongous growth.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The technology-dominated era, which has provided various uplifts in content marketing plans, stands on a lot of facets that revolve around the tech geeks. AI is mostly used to curate content; one saves time, saves manpower and also gets a clear, concise and a fruitful content.

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Artificial intelligence is one of those facets that has come so handy and effective, that it is almost used but every huge organization and is delivering results too.

A recent report stated that United Arab Emirates is foreseeing huge save of money (in billions precisely), with the help of AI.

  1. Smarter SEO

If we talk about top distribution channels then the majority of the workload (and profit) is taken over by huge names; these names are less in numbers and therefore, the rest of the lot needs to adapt themselves with respect to the changes brought in by these top-tier associations. The basic features that should be worked upon include the snippet feature of Google which provides an add-on to the searches or the organic reach new feeds from Facebook, in order to gather more audience directly. The changes obviously tend to differ from the cliché functioning of the SEO practices.

Adapting and enhancing a content marketing strategy is something that every marketer has to get a hold on. Above mentioned were some of these examples and areas to work upon and take forward.

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