Top 7 Essential Tools for Content Writing

Content writing tools

Article Rewriter

This is another fantastic tool which helps writer, blogger, webmasters to develop quality work and save a lot of time during that. Article Rewriter is a tool which allows you to rewrite a content that suits your topic. The best thing about this tool is that it changes and paraphrase the whole paragraph, change synonyms, change sentences while keeping the same context and meaning of the original paragraph. Article Rewriter also takes out any grammatical errors or punctuation issues. Simply search for the content over the web that suits you. Copy it and paste it into the text section of this tool, press rewrite, and you will see a whole new content with zero plagiarism risks. Although this is something that I would call as a last resort, use it only in urgent cases or when you have no time to sit for hours. Simply use this tool, and you will have good quality.


Grammarly is probably the most frequently used grammar tool online. It is famous for not only checking for plagiarism but also grammar, punctuation, and spelling. What is more, is its advice on word choice and style mistakes. Using it is as easy as copy-pasting your content there. Even though it has many paid packages, but you can still access some free services. Premium Grammarly comes with more complex features like if you wanted to type for a Proposal, they would give you method and accent.

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SmallSEOTools is a website targeting people wanting SEO for their content, but it can be used for a variety of purposes. It has, too, got a great toolset. There are the plagiarism checker, keyword position checker, domain authority checker, Mozrank checker, keyword density checker, grammar checker and another 14 new tools.


LanguageTool falls into the category of convenient and easy-to-use websites. All you have got to do is copy-paste your content right away. It checks for grammatical errors. The errors in your text are highlighted. Once you click the highlighted areas, it not only gives you an option to correct your mistake but also identifies for you what is wrong with it. You can ask for more examples too if you wish.

Readability Test Tool

The readability test tool is a highly recommended tool when it comes to checking the readability of text. Readability helps give the writer a score of how masterfully are they conveying their ideas to others. For this tool, you can either use a URL or simply copy-paste the material. The analysis gives you a grade, an age limit of people your content should be understandable to, different readability indices and a statistics tab that breaks down for your text-related details.


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It is essential to check for plagiarism. Especially in academic arenas, assignments can’t go without a plagiarism check. Copyscape is one of the most famous and trustable sites for plagiarism checks. It allows you to check if anyone copies your content.


This is a perfect tool to make sure that you are not repeating yourself a lot. Having this tool on your side will make sure everything is going right, and every word you are writing is unique. It counts the words if they are repeating too many times in an article, or simply check if there are over-used phrases or words which makes the concept of the topic too much repetitive. Not only for webmasters, but it is useful for everyone like students, bloggers, editors, authors and article writers. This tool will help them maintain their work originality and provide quality to it.

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