What to Check When Buying a New Smartphone?

What to Check When Buying a New Smartphone?

Choosing a new mobile can be a significant test in these days since they are never again just used to make calls or send messages, yet offer a wide variety of different conceivable outcomes which allow you to do regular tasks. The most constant inquiry to a cell phone reviewer is “What mobile should I go for?” since the decisions are perpetual graciousness to many smartphone brands.

Today, a cell phone helps in nearly all that we do. It is your consistent companion which allows you enjoy music, take pictures, play games, watch the news, monitor your exercise thus considerably more. Subsequently, you ought to be extremely critical while picking your new smartphone as the latest gadget could give you unending joy.

Here we will talk about the best five things; you ought to consider before purchasing your new cell phone.

What Features do you Require?

Purchasing a mobile to help you with simple phone calls and text messaging is simple; you can decide on any modest Nokia or Motorola phone. However, buying a smartphone with broad features is an entire distinctive story. You should be sure of what include you require on your smartphone. For example, smartphones like Galaxy Note Edge offer every single significant component in addition to a stylus pen which you won’t need, so paying additional for an element you won’t utilise is silly. Likewise, a few people are comfortable typing on a physical QWERTY keypad as opposed to using a touchscreen.

Select a smartphone that has the latest camera features, incredible battery life and excitement features under your financial plan.

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Picking the Right OS

Picking the correct OS for your phone is of most extreme significance. The three most popular OS accessible right now include:

1. Android

Android by Google is famous because it is an open-source project which means it is a plus point for developers to pick a smartphone that has Android to make new applications. This gives Android an edge over iOS. Besides, Android is straightforward to understand and offers awesome adaptability. The Google Play store has more than one million applications accessible for download.

2. iOS

iOS is incorporated into iTunes and Safari web mobile. The iTunes radio and Siri are what you won’t discover in Android, in addition to the greater part of the applications and games are most readily accessible on iOS and after that on android.

3. Windows

Microsoft Windows available in Nokia Lumia range offers a strong interface with extensive live tiles on the main screen that display updates. These tiles could be sorted out and resized as you want. Microsoft Outlook integration, Xbox games, and office are some exceptional features of the Microsoft OS. Contrasted with Android and iOS, Windows has just a one-fifth of the applications. Comprehend, which mobile platform suits you the best and purchase as needs are.

Display Size

Big screen matters for most buyers today. A 5-inch screen smartphone isn’t viewed as enormous now; in truth, they represent 20 per cent of all smartphones sold. A huge screen is ideal for viewing HD movies, streaming online videos, playing video games or browsing photos. These phones, beyond any doubt, provide a tremendous display with a liberal typing zone, however, can pose portability issues.

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In any case, phones with smaller displays, for example, iPhone 5s with a 4-inch screen are more pocket agreeable with all the basic features you would require in a smartphone.

If you are an enthusiast of the widescreen, go for either Windows or an Android phone.

Storage Capacity

Since your smartphone will store all your most loved TV shows, pictures, videos, documents, applications and games, it is essential that it has a decent storage space. Albeit a few phones offer an external SD card slot to increase the memory, yet it is insightful to decide on a high internal memory mobile. A standard 16 GB is typically enough, yet to remain erring on the side of caution, pick a phone that has no less than 32 GB of internal storage.

Processor and Speed

Having a lot of RAM assumes a significant part of how rapidly your smartphone will react. Right now, the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the main processor in Android and Windows phones. Smartphones today are generally outfitted with a Quad centre processor to run the most recent applications and games. The higher the RAM of the phone, the quicker it will perform.


Buying a new smartphone isn’t generally that troublesome on the off chance that you know exactly what features you are OK with. By following the 5 stages we specified above, you can without much of a stretch purchase your new smartphone in your budget

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