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Comio Smartphones

We all know about the research that goes into buying a phone. But ever wondered about the research smartphone manufacturer does before launching a new handset?

Comio Smartphones, the newest and most impressive entrant to the smartphone market, have done just that. The company has launched their handset range with a range of 5 support features that truly solve the problems, fears and assurance that buyers need before making the big purchase. And once you read about these 5 support features, you will have to agree that this is a firm that knows its customers well. Truly. What are these 5 support features that make Comio Smartphones stand out? Let’s find out.

The One year +100 days warranty:

Yes, right up front, the firm has stretched the warranty on its handsets to an extra 100 days on one year, easily stealing a march on the many handsets that typically stop at one year. This also serves as a huge demonstration of the brands belief in its own quality, and commitment to the market and its consumers. More importantly, this is probably the single biggest reason for you to buy the handset from an authorized dealer, as that will ensure you get the best of this offer, and the next 4 support features too.

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Second on our list is the 30 days replacement warranty:

Yes, the firm offers a fresh handset as a replacement if the product you bought has any manufacturing defect. That should take care of any hassles of worrying about the product initially, no? Surprisingly, very few firms offer this, and where they do, it can be a tough process. Comio Smartphones has made it simple by making it as simple as going back to the same dealer and asking for the replacement. The dealer has the discretion to make the change for you on the spot if possible.

Six-month breakage warranty on the phone screen:

With this support feature, the firm solves one of the biggest challenges of phone ownership. Tackling the challenge of screen breakage. Not only is this one of the most common ownership challenge when it comes to a smartphone, but as one of the most expensive parts to be repaired, the screen breakage issue is a critical one to solve for the buyer.

Comio’s upgrade offer:

Frankly, this is an offer that should be called the smart upgrade offer. For not only does this offer make an upgrade easy for you, it offers you the same at virtually the same cost as your previous phone? How does it do that? By giving you a flat 40% cash back on your previous Comio smartphone in the first year. With a range of phones to suit multiple budgets and specifications, the upgrade feature effectively ensures that when it comes to Comio smartphones, you will never feel the pinch while upgrading quickly within a year, unlike other latest Android mobile phone brands where you end up paying almost 100% more at times for an upgrade to the next level Smartphone.

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Finally, we have the buyback support feature:

Where the firm assures you of a buyback at attractive rates if you upgrade to a Comio smartphone from your existing handset. So be it any brand, you can look forward to a decent buyback price, rather than having to virtually discard the handset at times, to upgrade to a new Comio Smartphone. Combine this with the four support features above, and you will never find a stronger set of reasons to upgrade to a Comio!

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