Architectural Design Tips for your Dream Home

Architectural Design Tips

Everything about Queensland is big. Ranked as the second-largest state in Australia, it is home to the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere, the Q1. It also features a vast amount of diverse natural beauty, like the Great Barrier Reef.

Queenslander architecture is equally unique. From the Colonial, and Victorian to the Interwar, the residential styles testify to the royal heritage that has taken center stage in the Sunshine State home designs.

If you wish to have an opulent lifestyle close to nature, it is best to look for experienced new home builders in Queensland to make the right investment in a home, that matches your style and necessities. Here are a few top home styles that you will find helpful while building your dream home in the Sunshine State.

A Style That Epitomises Elegance

The average household size in Queensland is about 2.5. With a growing family, you may wish to style your home and make it comfortable for every family member.

On the other hand, you might be among those in Queensland with a deep passion for cooking for your loved ones.

Design experts in Queensland present an open living space and modern kitchen, complete with an island bench as the focal point. With spacious bedrooms for all family members and a sheltered patio, your dream home will have the elegance the Sunshine State is all about. Alongside with a modern kitchen and walk-in pantry, you are in for a culinary treat.

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A Style That Matches Your Lifestyle

Queensland’s economy is the third-largest in Australia at about 19% of the national GDP. However, the state has the nation’s widest gap between the poor and the not-so-poor.

If you are one of the families forking out more than $76,000 a year on general living expenses, the new home builders in Queensland will surely not disappoint you. With a deposit of just $1,000, you can build your new home.

You can have an economically designed, spacious house with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee, perfectly fitting your lifestyle.

A Style Meeting Your Aspirations

If you wish to enjoy pristine beaches like the Noosa Main Beach, you would want to invest in a Coastal home on Sunshine Coast, with contemporary features.

The experienced builders offer sophisticated upgrades for your aspiring home, like stainless steel appliances and fans to alfresco, all within a budget of $5,000.

Going the Hamptons Way

The Hamptons style has come a long way in Queensland, perfectly fitting its lifestyle and climate, blending elegance and sophistication with the right colours and features.

If it’s a light and breezy home style you are looking for, the Hamptons is a superb option. The Queensland builders present Hamptons homes with natural light, making your property look more spacious.

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Catching Up with An Urban Style

In a population of about 5,000,000, over 80% of people in Queensland live in urban areas, like Brisbane and Cairns.

With a thriving urban lifestyle outside, you could use subtle design elements in your home style for the splendid vibes of the urban framework indoors.

Last year was tumultuous, with Brisbane having fallout from the Royal Commission into the banking sector. But, with consecutive interest rate cuts, the Queensland real estate activities are picking up this year. Consult an experienced builder and plan your home building project to exploit the favourable market conditions and enjoy the Sunshine State’s offerings.

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