How Textured Render Finish Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Dream Home?

How Textured Render Finish Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Dream Home?

It takes a lifetime effort and a lot of finances to build the dream home. However, as you are nearing the completion of your construction, it is the plastering of the interior walls and the rendering of the exterior walls that you must be concerned about. After all, you need to make both your interiors and exteriors look equally beautiful. While both are made up of same material like sand, cement, lime, gypsum, and water, the composition varies, as render has a higher percentage of cement in it. That is why they are used on the exterior walls of the building so that it works as a protective shield to cover up your dream project from adverse external weather.

If you think that render is like a dull plastering applied on your walls, then you have a misconception. In fact, it can be very appealing and beautiful if you choose your textured render finish carefully. There are many benefits of going for this kind of finish. Let’s have a look.

Benefits Of Textured Render Finish:

Although render on the external walls can have flat or smooth as well, there are several benefits of going for textured render finish. Let’s look at its benefits:

  • Enhancing The Durability- With textured render finish, you can increase the strength of the exterior walls of your dream house and protect them from the extreme climatic conditions. The home also stays protected from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. It also protects the house from the fungal growth and prevents the paints from cracking and peeling off.
  • Adding Beauty To Your House – With the textured render finish, you can enhance the beauty of your house as well. Textured walls undoubtedly look much better than plain colored ones. Old buildings can be given a new lease of life with this type of finish. They also cover the cracks and leaks of the old buildings and restore the structure to get a longer life.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – If you have selected textured finish for the exterior walls of your house, they must be least concerned about the maintenance of your property. Since these types of finished walls are durable, they do not need yearly supervision and timely renovation. Thus, it saves a lot of money and time on your part.
  • Cuts Down Your Energy Bills – Well, you must be wondering how come textured finish on your walls can cut down your energy bills? We will tell you this. If you have applied this textured finish on your walls, some of them have insulation properties that can keep the interior temperature warm during winters and cool during summers. Thus the consumption of energy for running the HVAC is cut down significantly, thus saving your pockets from the high energy bills.
  • Protects From The Penetration Of Dampness- If any part of your interior walls was left without plaster due to any reason, the textured render finish on the exterior may protect the interior side of the wall, and do not allow moisture to creep in. This is a common phenomenon taking place particularly during the rainy season.
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Construction materials have changed over time due to the advancement of technology and the availability of more resources. The life of a building can be extended to a great extent using proper materials while construction, and that too without compromising with the beauty. Textured render finish is one of them that serve multiple purposes. This kind of finish on your exterior walls not only looks great but offers several additional benefits mentioned above.

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