Ways to Pick the Perfect Diamond Blade for Concrete Cutting

Ways To Pick The Perfect Diamond Blade For Concrete Cutting

Different diamond blades have different purposes. The professional drillers use diamond blades to cut abrasive materials like asphalt or concrete. These materials are harder than wood. Therefore, cutting them is not as easy as cutting the wood. It involves a proper strategy for the successful implementation of the project.

For a professionally clean-cut, the diamond blades are known to be the best solution. But, there are many varieties of diamond blades for different jobs like sawing the concrete or cutting the concrete for restoration purposes. It is necessary to make a wise decision for choosing the perfect one for every job.

To move ahead, let’s have a look at the various aspects of the diamond blades that makes the difference. Have a look. 

Understand The Process Of Concrete Cutting With Diamond Blades

There is a misconception that the blades cut the concrete during the concrete cutting process. Rather than cutting, they grind the materials. It explains a lot about how concrete blades work. 

Basic Components Of The Blade

Learn about the fundamental components of the blades to understand the working in a better manner. The diamond blade consists of the following parts. They are as follows.

  • Diamond crystals- They are used to cut the concrete
  • Metalcore-A steel disk that contains a rim for the diamond crystals
  • Matrix –It holds the diamond pieces together
  • Weld- It binds the core with the cutting segments 

What Is The Material That You Want To Cut?

It is essential to know about the material that you are planning to cut. This information will make the cut clean along with enhancing the life of the blades. Some of the major factors that you must be aware of are the compressive strength, hardness, and size of the aggregates. You must also know about the type of sand used in the concrete.

  • The Compressive Strength Of The Material
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According to the blade manufacturers, the soft materials fall under the compressive strength of 3000 psi or less. So, in such cases, the professionals use the blade with a hard bond. The hard substance has 6000 or above psi. To cut such materials, they use a blade with a soft bond.

  • Size Of The Aggregate Of The Concrete

The performance of the blade depends upon the size of the aggregate. The professionals experience the slower performance of the blade when the size is 3/4 inch or more. Also, in such cases, the blade will deteriorate gradually. The results will be totally opposite when the size of the aggregate is 3/8 inch or less. 

  • The Types Of Sand In The Concrete

The sand used in the concrete decides the abrasiveness of the concrete. There are two types of sand.

  1. Sharp sand- It is abrasive and is found in the river bank.
  2. Round sand- It is non-abrasive and is the river sand.

Type Of The Drilling Or Sawing Equipment To Use 

There are many factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the best blade for the drilling or sawing machine. As already stated that you must pick the one that suits the tool, here are some of the things that you must know beforehand. Have a look!

  • Blade Size
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There are many types of diamond drilling machines in the market. So, the different blades of variable sizes are designed to match the specific machines. Therefore, make sure that the blade you pick is good for the machine that you are using in the project.

  • Revolutions Per Minute(Rpm)

Use the blade at the safe RPM. Also, the operator must know the limits as too fast or too slow movements can damage the blade. To save the blade from wear and tear, the manufacturer must mention RPM clearly in the packaging.

Which Is The Best Option-Wet Drilling Or Dry Willing?

Choosing between these two options depends upon the drilling tasks. Here are some details that you must know.

  1. Dry-cutting blades- These blades do not require water to cool off the heat as such blades never produce heat. The reason behind this is the presence of the segmented weld. They are used in handheld tools that run on lower horsepower.
  1. Wet-cutting blades- When the professionals make deeper cuts, heat is produced. Therefore, they use wet-cutting blades. Water plays an important role in cooling off the heat.

Therefore, it will be easier to make the decision about using the dry-cutting or wet-cutting blade according to the job. This detailed study will help you to pick the perfect diamond blades for the drilling tool. Also, if you are looking to hire the best diamond drilling firm like CA Drillers for effective service, you can browse the internet. The professionals will surely be of great help.

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