Aspects to Look for While Choosing the Best Home Builder in Queensland

new home builders in Queensland

Queensland produces 25% of Australia’s small crops due to its predominantly mild weather. It is an easy gateway to natural wonders like the southern Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island. Since the median house price of about $280K is also hard to beat, the Sunshine State gives you plenty of reasons to settle down.

With the regional home building grant of $5,000 for the purchase or construction of a brand-new house, all you need is to find the best builder in the state. While an online search can get you the top new home builders in Queensland. The following tips will help you make the best selection per your style and budget.


Queensland has a smaller proportion of high-income families, earning $2,500 per week, and a larger percentage of low-income households, making less than $650 a week.

Understanding that not everyone is financially well-equipped, the adept builders in the Sunshine State offer homes, matching every budget range.

Engage the right builder to get an opportunity to save up to $80K towards your dream home. And if you are looking for prolific upgrades to your new dwelling for a reasonable price of up to $5,000, you will not be disappointed. The best feature that will allure you is to own a home with a $1,000 deposit if you are below the Queensland median age of 37.

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Last year, the Banking Royal Commission fallout shook up Brisbane. However, following the federal election and consecutive interest rate cuts, houses at locations like Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Logan City are selling like hotcakes.

Once you decide the neighbourhood you wish to reside in, search for the top-rated builders local to the area. They have the first-hand real estate information about the location, which is a big plus while investing in the best property.

Home Designs

The Sunshine State has taken to the Hamptons with passion and zeal, making the iconic Queenslander style home unique.

Look for new home builders in Queensland who present home styles, keeping beat with the Sunshine State’s roots. They are sure to awe you with their open plan living space, sheltered patio, alongside a modern kitchen with a walk-in pantry. Each style offers plenty of storage facilities, ensuring there is space for everyone.


The state adheres to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991. If a builder plans building work, with a value of $3,300 and more, they must have a QBCC authorised licence.

It is advisable to hire licenced builders in Queensland to avoid future legal issues.

Promotional Offers

Renowned Queensland home builders offer attractive promotional deals that will surely compel you to hire them for your home building project.

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For instance, some provide a 12-month price hold offer, which is beneficial when you cannot begin building straight away. A few of them offer a staggering $15K First Home Owners’ Grant to allure new home buyers.

Over the last two decades, the first home buyers have experienced a 220% increase in the new construction prices. So, the REIQ is calling for extending the First Home Owners’ Grant to established housing, boosting the state’s real estate sector. With government schemes encouraging you to build your dream home in Queensland, engage a skilled builder to make the best out of your investment.

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