The Best Suburbs to Live in Brisbane

Brisbane is the gateway to Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia. With over 2.5 million Brisbanites calling it home, it is the third-most populous metropolitan in the country. It is a major business hub in Australia and is categorised as a global city. One of its strongest sectors is real estate, which displays a resilient property market despite the ongoing global pandemic.

The Sunshine State capital is one of the best prospects for families in search of a place to lay down roots. It performs well in key metrics such as liveability, affordability, and economic stability.

If you have plans to relocate or are looking for a place to live, it is hard to find a better option than Brisbane. The housing cost is low especially when compared to Sydney or Melbourne. You can have your dream house with the help of the best custom home builders in Brisbane. You can also take your pick from some of the best suburbs to live in Brisbane.

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point is a riverside suburb located across the Brisbane River. It is an 8-minute drive or 24-minute commute from the central business district, a great location for professionals who want to be near the action. With its many parks and excellent schools, it is also a great place for families with young kids. Prominent landmarks like the Story Bridge and the Kangaroo Point Cliffs provide plenty of recreation spots for the whole family.

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Corinda is known for its Queenslander-style homes. Most houses are single detached and made from timber, with corrugated iron for roofs and a distinctive veranda. The best custom home builders in Brisbane has to offer can easily build you one of these high-set single-story dwellings.

South Brisbane

It can be found at the southern parts of the Brisbane River via the Goodwill, Kurilpa, and Victoria bridges. From there, you can reach the city centre after a quick 9-minute drive via a public transport. South Brisbane can trace its roots back to one of the older parts of the city and has many heritage-listed buildings, and several custom home builders in Brisbane area can easily build you a beautiful home amid the rich history and culture of the area. What is more, major corporations have set up camp along Grey Street and Melbourne Street, providing many career opportunities.

Dutton Park

Dutton Park is located just four kilometres from the central business district. It is mainly a residential area but it has also shown some commercial and industrial activities. Eighty-eight per cent of homes are in close proximity to school facilities while 61% are close to a park, which makes the suburb a great place for families with small kids.

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Spring Hill

If you want to be as near the city centre as possible, then Spring Hill is the place to be. A mere two kilometres away from the CBD, some parts of the suburb can be considered an extension of the business district. Still, it offers a great place for professionals and families with its unique mix of suburban living amidst big-city amenities. You can literally have your morning coffee, head to the terrace, and walk straight to your office.

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