How to Popularize Your Business via Mobile Technology?

Mobile Technology

Every day, there are hundreds of new entrepreneurs who enter the business world to make their idea a success. And many of them are relying on mobile technology as well as digital marketing strategies to popularize their business in recent times. The reason, more than half of Google Searches over the globe are done on mobiles. In this article on how to popularize your business via mobile technology, you will be given valuable tips on the same.

Tip 1 – Make the Customer pay via mobile technology

Arm your staff with tablets and other devices so that customers could make payments easily when opting for your products or services. Mobile apps can be used for doing banking. In case you offer sales of products, have a tracking tool ready so that the customers can know the location of their chosen item.

Tip 2 – Your Sales Team should be proficient with Mobile Tools

In this era of rapid use of mobiles, it is mandatory that your sales team should be well-acquainted with modern online tools. Your sales team should be provided with PDAs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These devices not only provide constant communication, but the team members can also schedule their work and calendars. Many social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter also have apps that allow the digital marketing team to post at specific times to reach a larger audience.

Tip 3 – Reducing Costs/ Time

If you are an employee at a start-up, you need not worry about accessing the email only from a desktop. You can do so from your mobile and give apt responses thus saving time and money for the company. Ensure you share vital information via electronic documents. The advantage – you save paper.

Please take note that emails are opened more on mobile phones than on desktops. So it is essential that you tone down the content and answers, delegating tasks should be to the T. There should also be no graphics or big images in the emails.

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Tip 4 – Scheduling Tasks

In recent times, employees want to stay connected with their work even on weekends or outside the office. There are jobs that require employees to do business travel. Then there are jobs and emergencies by which an employee works from home.

Many of the management in small businesses use mobile apps for delegating jobs and tasks to employees. Apps are used for time management activities, communication with customers, invoicing, accounting etc.

Tip 5 – Mobile Responsive Website

Since many of the sales are done online, it is vital that you have a website. Please note, since the online address is the representation of your company on the globe, ensure the website is designed especially with the focus on mobile visitors. Create a responsive design website that can be viewed even on a small smartphone.

Tip 6 – SMS Texts

In recent times, mass SMS has been used to spread good news and bad publicity. But taking only the positive aspects, marketing via mobile SMS have been gaining popularity for half a decade. As long as you have a loyal customer list, you can be sure that your new product launch or service will become successful. Nowadays, it’s very convenient to use an online SMS platform for your mobile communication.

Ensure that your team remains in constant touch with the customers. This method will make loyal customers turn to your app for gaining more information.

Tip 7 – Mobile Ads

If you are targeting an audience that uses mobile frequently, use mobile ads for an advertisement to get the best returns. You can change the ads as per the geographical area and make your customers become more engaged with your messages/advertisements.

Tip 8 – Mobile Videos

When it comes to differentiating text messages, images and videos for popularizing a company, it is the last one which is ruling the roost. Many people use their mobile for watching videos. Every company, worth it’s salt in the market has realized the potential of videos. They have started to promote their products and services through this platform. But never forget the rule of making videos as per the demands of the target audience and the public. The video content should be crisp and convey the message. Lengthy videos make the customer gravitate to another video and the real essence of making the social platform will be lost.

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Tip 9 – Competitions

Having a business app? Then you are eligible to participate in competitions such as the best business app of the year. Enrolling in a contest and working according to the guidelines will gain you experience, contacts, business competition, and popularity.


Mobiles have gradually changed the technical capabilities of not only marketing strategies, but also policies of companies. With mobiles apps, every company plans to reach the next level. The sole aim of writing this article is to help your business succeed and benefit using mobile technology. In recent times, prompt responses at the right moment could help get a multi-million dollar business deal. Mobile e-commerce is slated to reach over than 250 billion in the year 2018. So the potential for using mobiles to advertise your company via mobile has become a must. Good Luck!

But there is also an advantage. Mobiles, in fact, have become the third arm of humans. They definitely find a place even in homes and travel. In fact, they occupy a permanent place in your purses, pockets, and bags. With recent technologies such as high-speed internet, mobile commerce is just an extension of the convenience involved. So, make use of the recent and best technology to popularize your business on a large scale.

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