Next Level Driving Experience With Telematics System Integration

Telematics System

Telematics has brought about a real hi-tech revolution, in the domain of vehicular technologies. By definition, Telematics is the method of transmitting, receiving, and processing of digital information, with a common goal of controlling a remotely placed object. This multidisciplinary field includes vehicular safety protocols along with road safety guidelines, telecommunication applications, and host of other multimedia interfaces.

The commercial impact of such an integration of technology is tremendous because even the first time car buyers are demanding a host of new technology in their vehicle at a lower cost. In order to achieve the same, OEMs pursue relentlessly to expand their R&D capabilities and address real-world issues better.   Telematics also conjoins international navigation satellite system with global GPS system, which empowers the same to perform with precision, even in the farthest of places.

To stay one step ahead in the competition, car makers need to build on advanced safety systems, which can be best addressed by Telematics.  With ultra-modern voice interactive navigation facilities, one push button solution to call for breakdown help, and automatic help dialer in case of an accident, Telematics can only get better. Rightly put, Telematics is also known as the black box of the vehicle, which is crash resistant, because of its cloud-based wireless telecommunication capability.  Along with its automatic crash notification, Telematics integration also has monthly vehicular diagnostic reports along with information update on traffic and weather. This information’s are also known as the lifeline of the vehicle, as they help in the preventive maintenance of the same and protect vehicle owners from unforeseen recurring cost.

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With Telematics, the owners can open/close door lock remotely and even locate their car on a map, in case they forgot the exact location of their parked car. Even if any customer forgets their keys inside the car and locks the door, a simple phone call to the command center will unlock the door. However, obviously, there are many layers of security involved in this process, like voice commands and password. Since OEMs would go any distance to satisfy their customers, advanced automatic climate control measures are used. These automatic climate control mechanism takes into account the outside temperature and passengers’ body temperature and auto control itself to provide optimum temperature, inside the vehicle. Such hi-tech facility adds to true customer delight every time.

Telematics system Integration uses advanced application program interface, which is built around many subroutine programs, to interconnect with different software programs. Customers are looking for more personalized experience with every purchase of a vehicle. Therefore, software as a service providing organizations has built this interface, so that complex data structure can be built along with different variables and schedule for programs.

Telematics is that interface, which acts as a pleasant barrier, to the vehicle user, concealing these complex codes behind a beautifully designed dashboard.  Telematics is also particularly helpful for organizations managing a fleet of vehicles, like 3pl (3rd party logistic) service provider.  This technology helps the fleet owner to track the position of their vehicle real time. With a clear real-time network analysis, logistics managers can optimize the fleet performance by re-scheduling any vehicle as they may deem fit.

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Advanced programs can be written, to ensure live feed of the speed of the vehicle and data of fuel consumption, to the fleet owners. In this way, they would also be better equipped to address the challenges of driver mischief.  If there is any deviation, from the set parameters, then an alarm may be used to bring back the vehicle on track.

Telematics can also be useful for maintaining a record of the critical parameters of the vehicles, like battery charge, carburetor coolant level, suspension pressure, brake shoe condition and host of other parameters. These records are particularly helpful while maintaining a large fleet maintenance record and claiming insurances. With multimodal transportation requirement, Telematics can be used for effective container tracking. For example, a container which is loaded and dispatched by rail can be offloaded to a particular station and re-directed to a port to be loaded on a ship. This entire allocation system would be automatic, with minimum manual intervention, which will give optimum result every time.

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