High Barriers for Not Using Technology in the Classroom

High Barriers for Not Using Technology in the Classroom

As technology is spread all the areas and it impacts the lives of everyone, either students, businessmen, or any other people. As all people are very used to it, due to this, it is challenging to imagine life with technology even in the classroom. Also, technology has revolutionized education sectors rapidly, but still, there are many schools that are not implementing or deploy technology in their classroom. With the rapid increase in technology, we should not neglect that there are still some classrooms and schools that do not take advantage of it and do not integrate the device into the classroom. So that here, you can find what the top barrier that not allows schools to implement technology in the classroom is.

Barriers to Technology in the Classroom 

Budget Constraints

It is a very common barrier due to which school management will not go for educational technology. Integrated all classrooms with full educational technology is much cost-effective. Deploy educational technology required a huge investment. The other problem is there is also a huge amount required for the maintenance of technology, and there is a need for hiring more IT-related staff in schools. All these things need huge investment from school management. So it is found that low funding is the main barrier to properly implementing educational technology in the classroom like devices, laptops, and smartphones.

Lack of Effective Training

As it is stated above that implementing educational technology and devices is costly for school management the same way schools do not have enough funds that are utilized for the training on how to use that device. All teachers must have adequately trained and get familiar with the devices that use technologies in the classroom as well as they are also responsible for explaining students properly with these devices. Teachers are considered one of the biggest barriers to introduce technology in the classroom. They do not grow up with this technology and do not want to change themselves. But many educational institutes have realized this issue and want to resolve this issue because they conduct seminars and workshops for the teachers training and counseling.

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Technological Poverty

Another biggest barrier to adopt educational technology into the classroom is technological poverty. Like schools for low-income families, students do not even think of this technology to implement in their classroom because of lack or even no budget with these costly technologies. On the other side, schools will arrange this technology, but if the teacher gives any assignment as homework and it requires a computer and internet to complete that work. But not every student home is equipped with this technology, due to which they face the problem.

Resisting Technological Methods

We live in a digital era, where things get shrunk, and you can found a digital presence everywhere. Still, some people resist themselves by using technology in the classroom that looks strange or silly to people. There are not only teachers, but also some parents and members of the government will discourage taking advantage of classroom technology. These people think it is not mandatory, and students will learn without it. The only way to reduce these people’s hesitation is to provide a way to familiarize themselves with this technology.

Students’ Computing Skills

Using and navigating digital devices in the classroom is not as easy as it looks. But students of this era are better at handling devices than adults nowadays. But educational technology is a bit different from normal devices. To stop this barrier, we need to get familiar with our kids with educational technology, and schools must adopt technology in the classroom. But we also need to ensure that for the growth of children, we need to get familiar with the educational device to the students to enhance and increase knowledge by just sitting in the classroom.

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Having a lack (or no) vision. 

Introducing technology in the classroom gives a significant presence in parents’ eyes and gives new thinking and vision to the students and other people. But schools with no proper vision can move in an unknown direction. To overcome this barrier, use the latest digital technology in the classroom to solve the issue and give a clear idea in students’ eyes.

Insufficient infrastructure: 

The most critical barrier to adopting education technology in school is improper infrastructure in the school. When schools are willing to embrace educational technology, there is still a barrier to insufficient network infrastructure due to which school management will not support this technology. The main problem in infrastructure is poor and no internet access. According to one survey report, teachers also complain about internet access, and 16% of teachers say schools do not provide regular internet access most of the time. The internet needs to run any program and system in the device, so if it is not, the available barrier occurs in education.

 Our internet is terrible.

Many schools face network and internet problems and connection. In the past few months, a shark will bite the internet cable under the sea, which affects internet signals badly. Just imagine if the internet speed depends on such an incident and how the school provides productive learning in the classroom with the help of these educational technologies.

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