Men’s Fashion Trends To Be Left in 2021

2021 was a great year for both men’s and women’s fashion. There have also been many fashion trends that have made a return. However, some fashion trends should not have returned. Here are some trends that you should leave in 2021.

Working From Home Attire

During the early stages of 2020, when Covid was affecting our day-to-day lives. The dressing gown, housecoat, was the easy go-to outfit during a lockdown. It was the simple day-to-day life of waking up in the morning, having breakfast and a shower, then putting your dressing gown back on. Finish the look off with a pair of slippers and that was the most common outfit for you during a lockdown. You might have even worn it when you were working from home. Then put on a shirt just for the video call meeting.

If you are still living a hybrid lifestyle of working from home some days, it is time to hang up that dressing gown. Go for something more fashionable look that still gives you the comfort of a dressing-gown. There are many ways to ensure you can dress more stylishly at home. Go for something that you can go out in and wear for loungewear. Tracksuits can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Hang up those dressing gowns and a bit of style to your working from home attire. Plus they can be great workout clothes for staying fit at home.

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Men’s Crocs

Crocs for both males and females have somehow made a return. All thanks to celebrities thinking it is “cool and edgy” to be wearing crocs. If you are a child under the age of seven, we understand why they are wearing crocs. However, if you are well above that age, you should not be wearing them.  

They are not stylish, not ideal for anything and, there are plenty of shoes out there that are much comfier than a pair of crocs. No man should be seen in a pair of crocs at the end of the day. They are awful to look at. So, if you are one of those people that jumped on the bandwagon with a pair of crocs, jump off now before you lose all self-respect.

90s Haircuts

The 90s haircut is something we did not expect to see a return. However, thanks to Tiger King, many men have decided to rock the mullet. How the mullet has returned, we will never know. However, there are plenty of people out there with it. Nonetheless, because many people are styling their hair like a mullet, we encourage you to avoid this haircut and keep it simple with the short back and sides.

No Socks

No socks have been around for a long time now and we cannot agree with it. Men will walk around in white sneakers and for some reason, avoid wearing socks. Some people will go outside with a pair of loafers and be barefoot for them as well. It is a style that we cannot get on board with and should be left in 2021. We did not spend 4+ months in lockdown just for people to forget about their socks when restrictions were lifted.

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Skinny Jeans

It is time for the skinny jeans hype to be put away. They are no longer the staple piece for a man’s wardrobe and let’s be honest, they are not even comfy. You want a pair of jeans that you can move freely in and breathe. Straight and relaxed fit jeans have become the norm for men recently and rightly so. If your legs are slightly skinny, go for a slim fit. Skinny and spray-on jeans are a thing of the past now.

To Conclude

That is five fashion trends that need to be wrapped up and left in 2021. Fast fashion is changing the style that we wear every year. However, if you avoid fast-fashion trends and wear something that has been around for a while, you won’t be doing much wrong. Furthermore, you want to make sure that they will last you. You will soon find out that when you spend more money on clothes, they will last longer than the clothes that you are buying.

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