Styling Tips for Workout Leggings

Wearing your athletic wear all day has become perfectly acceptable in all places. Whether we can accuse the designer athleisure crash or almost everyone’s New Year’s resolutions for hitting the gym for real, one thing is for sure – we can hope to witness even more and more women sporting their workout gear daily. Be it on the kids’ practice or the school run, grocery shopping, or over drinks with friends, activewear as everyday wear for women of all ages is now in vogue.

People everywhere turn to their sportswear as their go-to wardrobe even for work, combining leggings with a scarf and long coat. Younger generations opt for a more daring combo of a cropped T-shirt with an oversized denim jacket and high-heeled boots. There are practically no limits to what you can combine with your performancewear. Luckily, popular activewear brands are hard at work to blur the distinction between the locker room and everyday wardrobe.

Buy pieces that bring together function and fashion.

First and foremost, shop for high-quality pieces made of performance fabrics, so it’s not transparent as you move or bend forward. This also means the premium leggings you choose will hide whatever imperfections you may have, boosting your level of self-confidence. Performance fabric also means that it dries quickly and it’s odour resistant, as well as moisture-wicking.

Accessorize adequately

You only need one good piece of garment to take your athleisure look from gym to street style, as seen in many street looks of such celebrities like J.Lo and Gwen Stefani. Take a pair of mirrored sunglasses, a tailored leather jacket, an oversized shirt tied around the waist over your black leggings, and you’re good to go! The key is to achieve a casual, sleek, and sporty feel, so don’t throw on a vintage fringed jacket or cat-eye sunglasses if you’re wearing a zip-up sports jacket.

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Keep up with the trends of the season.

A few years back, fitness didn’t even have crazes, and it was all neutral, understated or just black. Now, it’s seasonal as all fashion is. So, mesh panels were big for a while, but not these days. The athletic apparel trends focus on more extensive placement patterns, color-blocking, and personalization. All brands are now trying to produce a curated selection of their newest premium performance wear pieces every three months.

Dress for the circumstance

There are limitless combinations you can try, and your leggings can get styled, so you get a sophisticated, lady-like look. What’s important is that you dress for the occasion. For instance, pair your leggings with a chic turtleneck and wool camel coat for a high-end, jet-set look. Wear this with casual sneakers, loafers, or booties, and add a structured work bag.

For errand-running, opt for a bomber, leggings, and white sneakers. This can be your go-to outfit when you’re popping out to shop for groceries, or you’re just planning a laid-back weekend with friends. The look is athletic, stylish, and, best of all, comfy.

Thinking of work, there’s an easy way to style an outfit disguised as sophisticated workwear. Instead of a complete suit, wear your leggings with a black blazer and an oversized T-shirt for a more casual but trendy feel. If the occasion is a bit more formal, ditch the T-shirt for a crisp white shirt with an ample backside, and don’t forget the high heel booties.

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Winter can often feel like it will never go away, making it hard to keep up with trends when it’s freezing outside. But, there’s no need to worry; you can still come up with great combinations for your leggings. One way to go is to wear them tucked into your warmest winter boots, a long cashmere sweater and a winter coat with a faux fur-lined hood. The leggings look leaner and more minimalistic than jeans or classic pants, which often seem chunky with the boots, coats, and usual winter accessories.

When in doubt, wear neutrals

Levels of comfort change as we age, so many women in their 50s and 60s find it a tad risky to set themselves out there and wear something vibrant that makes a bold statement. If that’s the case, tone things down with a simple geometric print or stick to black and neutrals. Then, you can move on to brighter colours as you begin to feel better about leaving your comfort zone. For instance, high-rise leggings will be understated with a white tee yet still be eye-catching.

Wearing skirts feels flirty and liberating, in trousers you can look professional, and jeans are everyone’s favourite item, but sometimes, all you need is to be comfy. This is where leggings take centre stage! They have been a staple clothing piece since they took the workout scene by storm in the ’80s. Now, in the 21st century, leggings have found their place outside the gym as well and made the athleisure trend ubiquitous.

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