American Fashion vs. French Fashion!

American Fashion Vs. French Fashion!

One thing is clear that both fashions have their strong existence in the fashion world and both have their specific characteristics. Therefore, you should go through an unbiased analysis of French Fashion and American Fashion.

Keep in mind that both of them lead the fashion industry and it means that none of them can claim to lead the fashion world alone. The more you enhance your knowledge about them, the more you find their different attributes.

This post is the best one to read because it has come up with an unbiased analysis of American and French fashion. Following is the complete analysis so you should ensure that you go through them thoroughly.

1.     French People Buy Less But They Spend More

You find that the people in France are good at mixing low as well as high while shopping. On the other hand, Americans prefer quantity over quality at the time of shopping. French people are more ready to buy latest outfits compared to the people of United States. Fashion students also study the difference between French fashion and American fashion. Sometimes they also get assignments related to this specific topic but it is interesting to know that they do not ask for a help from the writing experts who provide custom essay help.

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2.     Americans Like Clunky Jewelry

Yes, it is a fact that the people in the United States prefer buying large jewelry. Women in the United States prefer to buy chunky necklaces as well as bracelets. If you talk about French women so they like to buy accessories that are very elegant, attractive, classic and simple.  Keep in mind that the large jewelry also has its beauty that you cannot overlook.

3.     French Women Spend A Lot Of Money On Accessories

Unlike Americans, French women prefer spending a lot of accessories. It is also interesting to know that the US women change accessories after every 2 to 3 months on the other hand French women spend on accessories that last forever and they never go out of style. It is not wrong to say that the French people love buying expensive accessories.

4.     American Women Like To Buy Purse And Bag

It is true that American women are the ones who love buying bags and purses of different sizes. Although, French women also like bag and purse, they are not as crazy for that as American women are. Women in the United States buy bags and purses for various occasions. If you talk about French women so they prefer buying small bags as they are easy to carry.

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5.     American Women Love Heels

It is a fact that the women of both countries like wearing heels. However, American women are more particular about their choice of footwear, so they are choosier about their heels. When you go to the United States, you’ll find women wearing various heels that look opulent and attractive.

6.     French Women Dress Up Casually In Offices

You find that the French women dress in a more casual manner in offices. They pair skirts with an outstanding filmy tee and on the other hand Americans style it with the structured tailored top or blouse. While working in France, you find your women colleagues prefer being more casual.

Final Thoughts…

The aforementioned are some major points that assist you to find the common differences between French fashion and American fashion. Both have their own outstanding attributes but it is better than you go with the one that suits you more. It enhances your personality and people around you also admire you.

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