How to Know When You Are Ready to Launch Your App?

How to know when you are ready to launch your app?

Who doesn’t want their mobile app launch to go off without taking a hitch? The truth is, lots of startup and brands have struggled to launch their new mobile apps. Of course, things get better if you hire a reliable for Mobile App Development Company for designing and developing your app.

Most companies launching a mobile app for the first time skip a few steps that are curial to the success of the launch. This is exactly why have to deal with problems such as a limited number of downloads, negative app reviews because of bugs and app glitches etc.

Don’t miss out on the power of a successful mobile app launch. To help you prepare for a successful app launch, we bring a few useful strategies:

Install the right app analytics

Experts say that you can improve anything that is being measured. So, use the right analytics software before launching the app to actually measure its success. You can ask the company that is providing your mobile app development services for suggestions too. The software will help you measure the engagements, number of downloads and app revenue. With these metrics, you will get to understand how users are navigating or app. There is certain analytics software that can even tell you what features your users admire the most and which ones frustrate them.

Optimize your mobile app for search

Your Android or iPhone app development company will tell you that apps are mostly found through search. Just like you optimize your website for Search Engine, you have to do some work on App Store Optimization (ASO) too.

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Apple and Google use similar algorithms to determine the ranking of an app so, you don’t have to put a double effort in optimizing your mobile app. Here are a few elements that are considered important in ranking an app:

  • The use of keywords in the name and description of the app
  • Visuals & branding
  • The number of positive reviews on the app
  • The number of app downloads

 Although keywords are important you must not stuff your description or titles excess of them.

Plan the launch of your app

Do you think publishing your app on the App Store is enough to generate traction? Well, you are wrong. People will never find your app just because it’s on an app store. You need to let them know that your app exists. That’s why you must work on your app launch strategy. Some agencies include it as a part of their mobile application development services so make sure you ask yours about it. It’s not a bad idea to take help from professionals, you know.

Try to figure out what you can do before the launch. Create blog posts for promoting the launch of your app or use graphics to create a hype. These minor efforts can play a big part in the success of your mobile app.

Look for influencers and reports

Look for influencers, bloggers or journalists who can write content about your app and share it in various communities, groups and news portals. You can search for them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Before sending them a pitch, try to start a conversation. You want to nurture the relationship first. Look for people from the editorial team of App Store or Google Play to have your app displayed as the Editor’s Choice or Staff’s Pick. If your app gets featured, this could be a great selling strategy.

Run a quality control check

Don’t ever launch your mobile app without testing. You must check your app on multiple devices to uncover errors or bugs. This process is time-consuming and costly but if it can save your app from failure. Ask the company providing you with Android app development services to arrange beta testers for your app. Take their feedback seriously and improve your app, if necessary.

You can also ask your team to run the app on their devices before the launch. If everything goes well and you are able to identify and rectify errors on time, then go ahead; prepare your app for its launch. Since you will be hiring a Mobile app development company for developing the app, then why not ask for its help in launching your app too? Origami Studios are experts in not just developing apps, but designing an app launch strategy too.

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