7 Interesting Realities of Telecommuting Worth Knowing in 2018

7 Interesting Realities of Telecommuting Worth Knowing in 2018


The expansion of digital technologies is changing the concept of office-based jobs. Telecommuting is an emerging trend that offers employees to work from their homes, instead of performing daily tasks in a fully furnished office space. You can complete your work from anywhere you wish and still be held for your responsibilities. Telecommuting offers many advantages for both the businesses as well as the employees. Read on as we discuss the impact telecommunicating has on companies and employees.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Various interruptions occur in office settings. Colleagues pop up to chat, and supervisors or managers frequently visits leading to delay of assignments and tasks. According to global workplace analytics, people who are remote workers are 20-25% more productive than their office coworkers. Telecommuting increases the employee productivity by working at home because interruptions during office hours cause a pattern that leads to repeatedly restarting continued work.  Also, home-working makes employees feel comfortable in casual clothing, and a comfortable sitting arrangement which creates a dream working environment for them. Generally, remote workers make use of more time during telecommuting than employees in the office. For instance, telecommuters make use of the time that is spent traveling to the office and are less likely to take leaves from the office due to sickness, household maintenance and so on.

  1. Flexibility

It is a common notion that work flexibility enhances the productivity. Businesses that offer flexibility for to workers have stronger recruitment and retention approach. Telecommuting brings flexibility as employees balance their work life as per the demands of their personal lives. They have a better idea of when to communicate their tasks and what time to dedicate to spend time with their family or friends. Telecommuters can schedule and balance their circadian clocks. They can work in day or night time whenever they feel relaxed and able to act with full concentration; they can complete the assigned task from the comfort of their home. With better work-life balance, employees’ health and wellness improve easily. This is mainly because control over work lives makes people happy and healthy both physically and emotionally.

  1. Hiring and Retention

Almost every company changes their hiring policies to adapt to the ever-changing norms in this field. Companies always desire to hire for long-term and keep their workers. Recruitment of remote workers expands the potential talent pool for any company. Flexibility leads to job satisfaction, and employees are less likely to resign from their jobs.  Moreover, telecommunication is also helpful in the recruitment of individuals with disabilities who are indeed an important part of our societies. It also brings a massive sense of relief for those who had to resign from a job because they were not able to commute to and from offices or those who relocated to a new place making their travel to offices harder. Hence, telecommuting allows organizations to attract and retain the best talent out there.

  1. Morale Boosting

Sitting all day in the office and working continuously may lead to anxiety and depression. Telecommuting is regarded as a pivotal approach to decrease stress levels in employees by boosting their morale. My Cable Internet, the largest retailer of Charter Spectrum in the USA, resells the best cable TV and internet services for its consumers to take advantage whether they are working at home or from an office, thus helping them in releasing the stress. With Spectrum’s TV app, telecommuters can stay updated on-going office presentations and remain connected to essential meetings by using cable TV with a high-speed internet connection. Also, with Spectrum Voice service, remote workers can make unlimited calls to their managers as well as across the world. Working at home enhances confidence and self-assurance that aids in boosting morale among distant workers. In short, high morale and positive attitude towards work can increase the quality of work that eventually benefits the organization.

  1. Reduction in Office Space

One of the significant advantages of telecommuting is that it reduces the space needed for setting up an office. This is an extraordinary advantage for the corporate sector as companies with a large number of remote workers have less expense on the maintenance of office space and furnishing necessities for their workers.  Companies can experience an almost 30% reduction in expenditure when they allow their service staff to work from home.  Reduction in office space is also an eco-friendly approach as fully packed office settings are more vulnerable to hazards as compared to spacy offices. In addition, companies can save on telecom expenses if they optimize Cisco CUCM licensing with specialized provisioning tools.

  1. Project Continuity

Usually, when employees get sick, they take leave from the organization that affects the stability of any ongoing projects. However, telecommuting dramatically minimizes the chances of interruptions in a continued project. Instead of becoming unproductive all the day by taking sick leave, remote workers can attend to their sickness and work from when they feel better.

  1. Internet Connectivity is Highly Essential

Remote workers always need decent Internet service to function efficiently anytime and anywhere. Various telecommunication service providers offer top-class cable internet service to their consumers at affordable prices. Likewise, my cable internet provides fastest and consistent internet facility along with enough bandwidth to use the internet on multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops at your home. If you are still worried, you can now get unlimited downloading, uploading and browsing without any data-checkpoints if you use a VPN to bypass ISP throttling. Generally, telecommuters are a bit concerned about secure internet connection as they do not want to lose their data and sensitive company information due to online threats. Charter internet packages provide an online Security Suite to remote workers to protect their personal computers from hacks, spams, and malicious material that may compromise their nature of work. It also offers in-home Wi-Fi connectivity with a free modem that allows you to work from any place in your home. In addition to these fantastic features, you get a super-fast and reliable internet connection starting from 100 Mbps for a consistent online experience without any latency issues.

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