7 Game-Changing B2B SEO Strategies To Look Out for in 2021


B2B SEO strategy is an approach that helps website pages to appear higher in search engines. Examples of search engines are Bing and Google. As we all know, there is no stagnation in the current internet world. That is why you need to know the strategies that will improve your SEO rankings.

The B2B marketing has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It would be best to get ready for the future by knowing which approaches will help your business boom in 2021. Remember, keyword research is essential for people in the tech sector.

Putting the correct keywords in blog posts and tags will make your brand more stable. This also brings more searchers to the site. Below we discuss 7 game-changing B2B SEO strategies to look out for in 2021.

1. Video Content

Video marketing is a common thing in 2021, and it is here to stay. A study showed that 65% of researchers watch a video in the buying process. Buyers will watch a 3-4 minute video with information about a certain product or service.

Video content marketing is easier than going through articles in the quest to solve an issue. You do not have to create a high-quality video to pull the searchers. Your phone’s video is enough to get the job done.

Unlike the old days when it was expensive to create videos, you can now do this using free sites like Loom. It would also help to create videos for your Linkedin content to give people a follow-up.

2. Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a huge box that appears after Google lacks an answer to your question. It is an answer box. Every organization covets to appear in this box. This is because it is the first thing that catches a reader’s attention.

This form of brand exposure is beneficial. However, it would help if you first convinced Google that your solution is the best remedy to the client’s woes. You can achieve this through summary paragraphs and how-to lists.

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Remember, Google aims to answer people’s questions, meaning you will get to the trophy box if you answer best. Use explicit content and organize it logically if you want to make the most of it.

3. User-Generated Content

There is no need to worry if you do not have the user content because you can seek help from content producers. Almost everybody is a content producer nowadays, and that is where this form of content comes in.

Here, you give your users an incentive to create something on their own. This means you will have less pressure. People will have no problem creating content for you as long as you give them the means. Examples include reviews or photographs. This content marketing strategy will help you to grow your bandwidth.

4. Pay Attention to Search Intent

Search intent is what people would want to see when they research something. This is among the primary things to consider in 2021 to improve your B2B marketing. You should ensure your content matches the results that appear after research.

Google desires to show results without people clicking many times. This includes how-to lists. You can also achieve this by putting an informative table at the top of your page. These steps will improve your position in Google more than you can imagine. It would help to stay one rank ahead of the rivals to achieve this.

5. Podcasts

Unlike what most people believe, a podcast entails more than just a conversation. As we discussed earlier, you do not need high-quality audio to increase your searchers. You can host several podcasts as long as you have something to say.

You will eat up hours of your day’s work by heavily editing these podcasts. Podcasts are becoming more common because you can upload them on networks for free. This technology is a fast-rising trend in the marketing world.

6. Webinars

Webinars are a thing to look out for, but this does not mean you will get a hundred clients when you run up the next one. However, its main advantage is that its format is recognized. Over 80% of B2B clients use webinars.

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This feature shows that it is not shabby and is a trend to look out for in the future. Webinars are important to every marketing team.

7. Partner Operations

The main reason why you create this content is to improve relationships. Every technology organization works with a partner team that develops sales channels.

Some of the biggest companies like Unbounce can work with you to make them more popular. These organizations might shock you due to their willingness to work with you. They will also help you to come up with good content. Their goal is to become more popular, and you are the right person to make that happen.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Good B2B Agency

Below we discuss how a good B2B SEO agency will benefit your organization.

1. It Will Rank High on Search Engines


SEO is among the most important elements for site rankings. Your website might fail to enhance its rankings if you do not use the right SEO. A well-maintained SEO plan will keep the organization relevant and at the top of the search page.

You will enjoy the following things when you rank higher in search engines;

  • Improved traffic
  • Business credibility and authority
  • A higher return on investment
  • Higher conversion rates.

2. Your Business will Get Special Service

You need a good B2B agency if you want your business to get special service. To achieve this, you should allocate time and specialize in one task.

Final Thoughts

A business enterprise can use several ways to have effective marketing. It is advisable to seek help from professionals who will help you to know the correct route to follow. Some of the strategies you should look out for include podcasts and webinars. With the above information, you can now grow your business with ease.

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