5 Ways To Fix “android.process.acore has stopped” Error On Android

android.process.acore has stopped

Are you an active Android phone user? If you have been using it for a long time now, then you might be familiar with the error “android.process.acore has stopped”. It is one of the most common issues that Android users stumble with. Many users have reported that this issue keeps appearing on the screen from time to time.

It can be very annoying to get this message while doing other work. If you are one of them who experienced similar pop-ups on your Android device, then you might know how bad it can be. Even after clicking ‘OK’ to the pop-up, it appears after a while.

5 Best Methods To Fix “android.process.acore has stopped.”

However, there are plenty of ways available that can help you to fix this issue. Here are the five ways to make the pop-up disappear permanently. Here are the best five ways to fix it effectively.

1.    Check The Disabled Apps, Reset The App Preferences

In many instances, disabling some essential system apps can cause difficulties in your phone. Some features might not work as they should after disabling the system apps. You can turn them off even without your knowledge. Doing so, the message will start to appear again and again until the features are working back normally. To check if all the features are working normally, you have to check the disabled apps.

There is also an easier option that you can choose to prevent going from one app to another app. All you have to do is reset the app preferences to make them normal or in a state that it was by default. It will clear all the app preferences and remove the app settings. It will also enable all the disabled apps, along with changing their permissions to default. Here are some easy steps to it on your Android phone.

  • Open the “Settings” option in the Android device
  • Go to the section “Apps and Notifications” and click on “See All Apps.”
  • Tap on the three dots at the right upper corner
  • You will find the option “Reset App Preferences,” click on it
  • Tap on the option “Reset apps” in the pop-up box to confirm the action.
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2.    Update All The Apps And Reboot The Phone

You have to make sure that the system apps are updated. If there are any pending updates on the system apps, then update them all; it can fix the issue. Look for updates of apps like Phone, Contacts, and others. You can visit the Google Play Store to find all the updates available. After the updates are done and installed on your phone, you have to restart the phone to make them work. It might help you to fix the issue and get rid of the pop-up.

3.    Remove The Google Account And Add Again

If the problem occurs because of contacts or other apps related to Google accounts, then it is another good solution. You can try this one if the other mentioned methods are not working. First, you will need to remove the Google account or accounts from the phone. Then, after removing it, you have to add it back again to fix the issue. Here are the easy steps to do that without problems.

  • Check how many Google accounts you have in the Google accounts section. Go to Settings on your phone and scroll or search for accounts; click on it when found.
  • You will find Google Accounts; click on it to see how many accounts are added to the phone.
  • Click on the ones that you want to remove and remove the accounts effectively from your phone, along with all the details.
  • Once you have deleted the accounts from the phone, you have to add them back after restarting the phone.
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Make sure to restart your phone after deleting the accounts to fix the issues.

4.    Clear The System Cache

System cache is one of the most common things that creates a lot of issues. While it is good to increase the loading speed and performance, it can become an issue too. You have to delete all the corrupted data and temporary caches on your phone. To wipe the partition of your phone, you have to go to recovery mode. Power off the phone and press volume down and “power button” to get the recovery mode. From there, you can get the option wipe cache partition.

5.    Clear The Storage And Data Of  Contacts

Primarily, this issue arises when there is a problem with the “Contacts” app. So, if any of the above-mentioned methods are not working well, you can try clearing the storage and data of the Contacts. It will eliminate all the associated caches issues and bugs too. To do it, you have to take a backup of your contact, go to the system apps, and click on Contact. From there, click on clear storage and cache to eliminate them.


Are you annoyed with the frequent pop-up of android.process.acore has stopped? Don’t worry; there are many different methods that you can try to fix the issue. You can choose the one based on your requirements. It will help you to make the phone work normally like before without any pop-ups.

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