Why Fleet Tracking Is Essential For Your Business In New Zealand?

When it comes to buying a fleet tracking nz, there is no “one size fits all.” Depending on the type of business you run and its priorities, you can set up your fleet tracking system in a way that will help your business.

Whether you’re in charge of three vehicles or a fleet of thousands, a GPS fleet tracking system helps businesses manage fuel costs, track vehicle usage and maintenance, follow laws and rules, protect drivers, and more.

There are hidden costs to running a business, especially with traffic getting worse and gas prices going up. Costs like these can be kept in check with a fleet tracking system, which also has a lot of other benefits.

The Five Most Important Benefits Of Your Fleet Tracking System

1. Cost Management

According to the TeletracNavman 2019 Telematics Benchmark Report, the most difficult thing for NZ businesses to do right now is to keep costs under control. The three biggest expenses were.

2. Maintenance

A fleet management system can help cut down on fuel costs by keeping track of and sending alerts for things like too much idling, bad routes, and bad driver habits like hard acceleration. Geofences are great for keeping payroll costs down because they let managers know where employees are and when they start and stop working. Many of our customers also say that their overtime costs have gone down because they have become more efficient. Overtime costs are often a big reason why payroll is too high.

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With the easy-to-use overview on the app on my phone, I can quickly check the status of all vehicle divisions. So, if a farmer asks when we’ll be there, I can quickly check the app to see where the truck is and tell them.

From a maintenance point of view, fleet management systems can monitor and track maintenance needs based on manufacturer recommendations or use engine diagnostics to make preventative maintenance plans that cut down on unexpected maintenance and the costs that come with it, like emergency call-outs and unplanned downtime.

3. Risk Management

Fleets face a number of risks every day, from trucking companies to hotel shuttle services. Managing risks is important to keep your fleet moving and your customers happy. Since TeletracNavman’s fleet tracking platform was first introduced, customers’ biggest business challenge has been managing risk.

Businesses can reduce risk with a fleet management system by:

  • Real-time coaching and warnings for drivers
  • Instant replay of an accident for figuring out what happened
  • Benchmarking driver behavior
  • Help with audits and rules
  • Even though fleet management software doesn’t completely eliminate risk, it does help find potential risks and protect against them with built-in reminders and accurate tracking data.

4.  Growth And Growth

The key to growth and expansion is to know everything about your business and use data to make smart business decisions. With improvements in AI and machine learning, leadership teams can make decisions quickly and in the moment based on real-time, actionable data.

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A fleet tracking system not only extends the life of your fleet, but also gets rid of inefficiencies and waste, which helps businesses reach more customers and keep their promises.

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