Avoid These Seven CV Writing Sins to Get Shortlisted

Avoid These Seven CV Writing Sins to Get Shortlisted

A CV or Resume is more than just a personal document, it showcases the level of self-awareness that you have about your professional life and career aspirations. It does not just highlight your interests, ability, aptitude, and skill but also the work values that you are going to offer to your future employer. Unfortunately, many job seekers take this privilege of writing a perfect Resume for granted. They do not consider it as a document through which they can communicate their economic values to their prospective employers. The shift in the global economy and change in job market conditions demands that your career persona reflects modernism, relevancy, and currency.

Here is a quick overview of the mistakes that you need to avoid to outshine other job seekers in your industry competing for the same job role as yourself.

Always Provide a Profile Summary or Objective Statement on Top

Whether you are looking for a full-time opportunity or applying for a freelance job, always make sure that you summarize your accomplishments on top. If you are new in your career, you can write a riveting objective statement. However, if you are a veteran of your industry workforce, you need to make sure that you add a detailed yet impacting profile summary. A CV without your professional summary on top will not get any interest from the potential employers.

Read and Ask Someone Else to Check Mistakes for You

Listing your career interests should become part of your CV. However, just mentioning everything you know won’t suffice if you don’t take the time to weed out mistakes. Many job seekers don’t take the time to remove any issues relating to spellings, grammar, and format. They also include too much irrelevant information which diminishes the interest of employers. Thus, make sure you check your curriculum vitae for such mistakes and remove them before they cost you your dream job.

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Update Your LinkedIn Profile Too & Provide Its Link in Your Resume

Your LinkedIn profile is an essential component of your career. LinkedIn offers you a chance to improve your ability to get found in search results. Close to 600 million professionals around the world are on LinkedIn. Therefore, you also need to be on LinkedIn and ensure that information reflected on your CV is also on your LinkedIn profile. Do provide a link to your LinkedIn profile within your resume, ideally on top so that the recruiters can look at it also.

Always Send A Covering Letter

A Cover Letter is as important as your Resume. Unfortunately, job seekers do not make any effort to write a Covering Letter. Even if they write it, it is not customized to each particular role. Like your Resume, your Covering Letter needs to address the requirements of the employer in a highly relevant manner. Do not make the mistake of sending the same Cover Letter without making the necessary changes. Prospective employers and recruiters are hard pressed for time with so many candidates to choose from. So, instead of making them work hard to know your career profile, you should facilitate their decision of hiring you.

Customize Your Resume to Job Requirements

Personalization is the key to getting shortlisted. Most of the job seekers who get shortlisted for an interview know what they are doing. They realize that recruiters need to be presented with their career history and accomplishments in a straightforward manner. Therefore, they make a concerted effort to eliminate any unnecessary items on their CV and instead focus on the most marketable ones. They also guarantee that their accomplishments are quantified and make a perfect commercial sense for the employer. Lastly, they keep customizing their personal sales document to stand out from the pool of job seekers.

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Don’t Forget to Mention Your Skills

Your skills represent are more than your interest inventory. Not just focusing on the skills that you like or have mastered, but you also need to empathize with the potential employer. Put yourself in their place and see the type of skills they would be looking for when hiring a person like yourself. When you start empathizing with the needs of your future employer, you are able to determine what skills would improve your chances of landing more job interviews.

Keep Updating Your CV

If you created your CV a long time ago or you hired professional CV services to upgrade it, you need to understand that it has to be updated. Professional CV writers help you update your CV but it is your job to add any information which would improve your chances of getting employed. If you are not doing that and sending the same Resume without adding any important updates, you will not able to make a great first impression, something employers’ value a lot. Since they have so many candidates to choose from, you cannot take a chance of sending your personal sales document without updating it.

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