6 Best Shopping Spots Near Penn Station

If you are going to be in New York, you might have planned to enjoy some shopping. This is one of the best cities on earth for retail therapy, and the Penn Station area is a great place to head for shopping that you won’t soon forget. There are shopping outlets in this area for all tastes and people of all ages, and you will not be far from some of the best food and drink in the city as well.

No matter where you are going to head to the shop, be sure that you find a Penn Station luggage storage first. That way, your hands will be free. After all, you can’t drag luggage into stores with you, and you can’t fit in changing rooms with your suitcase. Once your bags are stored, you will be ready to have the time of your life shopping in this part of New York.

Best Places to Shop Near Penn Station

1.  The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

This is a new neighborhood for shopping that has popped up in this area, and there are more than 100 outlets here to enjoy. You can eat at a variety of different pop-up food locations and food trucks, and you will also enjoy access to various kinds of stores for shopping. There are 14 acres of public plazas, gardens, and more at Hudson Yards as you walk from store to store, and you will easily be able to spend an entire day here if you want to.

2.  Macy’s

Macy’s is so iconic in New York that you should not miss out on the chance to shop here. This is the flagship location of the company, and the store is vastly impressive. You will also have great access to views of the Empire State Building from this location if you are sold on getting a selfie with this iconic building before you leave New York. Make sure that you visit all of the floors of the Macy’s building and get some pictures of their beautiful window displays.

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If you are in the city during the holidays, Macy’s is a must-see location because of the holiday decorations and displays. No one does the holidays like Macy’s, and you will not regret making a stop at this store, even if you are not searching for clothing, perfume, or makeup.

3.  Chelsea Market

While this area is most notable for its tasty food vendors, there are often local sellers who are clustered at Chelsea Market offering their wares. There is a festive and fun atmosphere in this area of the city, and you will be glad that you came by if you want to feel immersed in what makes New York so special. Locals shop here, and you will feel like you are part of the city in ways that are not possible when you head to a mall outlet to shop.

4. Chelsea Flea Market

The Chelsea Flea Market is right by the regular market, and this is a paradise for bargain hunters and vintage clothing lovers. You can get jewelry, fur coats, high-end clothing, and more here. This is a jumble of fun shopping experiences all pushed together into one little area. You will feel like you have walked into an old-fashioned street market when you head to the flea market, and you can have tons of fun trying on clothing, shopping local goods with a story, and meeting locals who sell in this area.


5.  The Garment District

One of the oldest shopping districts in the city, this area is worth a visit for its history alone. You will find that most of what is on offer here is fabric and notions shopping, but there are some other stores in this neighborhood as well for those who are not into arts and crafts or sewing. This is a really great place to get pictures of cool old buildings and to see what this part of the city must have looked like during the peak of the hand-sewn garment creation era. You don’t even have to go into the stores in this area to have an amazing time.

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6. Koryo Bookstore

Do you love getting to shop for books that aren’t virtual? Do you love K-Pop? Then this store is for you! You will be able to buy books, music, fan clothing, and more here at this fun bookstore location. The staff is really friendly, and the entire experience is so unique that you will not regret spending some time at Koryo. Even if you are not into K-pop when you show up, you might leave a BTS fan due to the fun nature of this shop.

Shopping Near Penn Station is Fun

There are so many things that you can do and see in the area of Penn Station, and shopping in this part of the city is really special. From the Garment District to intriguing local shops that offer strange combinations of shopping experiences to enjoy, you will not feel let down by heading to the Penn Station area for your shopping experience. People of all ages can find the right stores for their needs in this part of the city, and you will be steps away from great dining as well.

If you are in the city during the holidays, you will also love all the trappings of the winter holidays on the lampposts, in the windows of the stores, and more. There is no place that is quite as special as New York for shopping, so savor every moment!

Make sure that you get your bags stored safely before you do anything else so that you can have your hands free to really make the most of your time shopping near Penn Station.

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