7 Problems Faced by Tall People While Shopping

Buying clothes is the weakness of everyone. While encountering with someone you will be noticed by your dressing.

Shopping is a challenge for those who are heightened. They couldn’t find something perfect for themselves, as their sizes are mostly not available in stores. Available plus sizes also have an issue that different brands use different measurements that totally changes from the other one.

Shopping is not only one thing faced by tall people, there are multiple problems in their daily life that irritate them and sometimes embarrass them as well. Whenever they go for shopping they find themselves to help others to get things from the shelves. They always find something hitting their head.

Tall people always try new brands to get an idea whether they have the perfect size for them or not. For those people who are going through this situation, they should take the excursion of the digital market where they can check the available sizes of the required product before buying. Mostly online brands offer a special coupon for their products. By using them you can save your money. Save on your next shopping by simply using Geox voucher codes.

Here are some common problems faced by tall people in daily life.

  1. Disheartened Comments

 Whenever tall people go for walk or for eating anywhere people mostly stare at them or encounter with offended questions like do you play basketball? And this is very difficult to explain everyone that it is not really necessary that tall people play basketball. You are too tall! You should try modeling. To avoid these disheartened questions tall people prefer to stay alone at home.

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Solution:  You can answer depressed comments in 2 different ways;

  • You can politely answer them with positive and soften words.
  • Or you can take stand for yourself and tell them that you get hurt with the question so you will not answer it.
  1. Slacks or jeans are too little

Mostly tall people are skinny so when they buy clothes, they came across with a lot of problems like slacks and jeans are always too little. They have to visit different stores over and over again to check whether their size is available or not.

Solution: To overcome this problem try to use high ankle shoes or long boots. You can also use lace-up boots or thigh sandals. Try to avoid bell-bottom jeans.

  1. Short finger gloves

 If you buy gloves you will realize that the gloves fingers are little and are not going to fit in your hands. Definitely, this will be frustrating.

Solution: You have to be smart and creative while shopping so that you can avoid such problems. Try to use fingerless gloves.

  1. The ripped jeans are not where it belongs

Scratched or ripped jeans are fashionable and show anyone’s fashion sense but for taller people, these are just like a nightmare to buy. Because ripped jeans are always lineup with thighs and few inches above knees.

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Solution: Use extra scratched jeans in order to avoid bad comments.

  1. Over-the-knee boots rarely cover the knees

Tall people use knee boots to avoid the short pant problem but this solution also come up with one more issue.  Knee boots are also giving high five with the laughs to short jeans because knee boots never cover the knees.

Solution: The only one solution left is that to use thigh-highs with knee boots. This helps you to move with style.

  1. Shirts and jackets problems

Most annoying thing is that Shirts and jackets are not long enough to cover your body. The sleeves of the jackets or shirts might be so small that it looks quarter sleeves for you. The sleeves may be tight as well.

Solution: Elbow length gloves can be a good solution or you can get your sleeves tailored. You can use T-shirts for casual dressing to avoid sleeves problem.

  1. Disappointing fitting of faucet showers

 When a tall guy wants to get a bath at his friend’s home, he might face some problem using faucet shower. Like shower faucet fits at his shoulder or shower faucet might hit his head. Also, he may not fit in a bathtub.

Solution: So what’s the solution for this? Complaining is not the solution as there is no rule for shower fitting in bathrooms. Simply, use extension arm for a shower.

Never disappoint as God has created you. Always keep smiling and never feel bad.

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