Considerations When Buying a Water Jet in Sydney

Buying a Water Jet

Sydney boasts of having one of the best economies in Australia. Twenty percent of New South Wales’ economy and seven percent of the country’s growth are from the gross domestic product of Sydney. The primary source of income of this city is derived from the manufacturing industry. 

Buying a cutting machine like a water jet in Sydney is a significant investment but a worthy one. Its ability to precisely shape any material without altering its property is a huge advantage over other cutting machines. 

While aircraft and automotive makers are some of the primary industries which utilize this machine, it is also used by many Sydney-based oil manufacturers that use hydraulic systems. 

If you think of buying one for your company, you should have its size, cutting ability, and pressure feature as the primary consideration. Meanwhile, energy consumption and after-sales services are secondary considerations when procuring this machine. What is this machine for, and what factors should you have in mind when buying it?

What is a water jet cutter?

A water jet is an industrial-grade machine that uses highly pressurized water to cut granite and metals. It can also be used to cut textiles, rubber, wood, glass, leathers, and plastics. It was first used in the 1930s to cut papers, but innovations on this machine have made it able to exert 90,000 psi–enough to cut through anything.  

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Water jet cutting is the most preferred method for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures. The absence of heat in its cutting process allows the material to remain in its original state without much alteration in its intrinsic property. 

Furthermore, using this machine can also result in the production of intricate shapes. Through the use of specialized software, manufacturers can program this machine to make complex 3D-shaped designs. It has been noted that most machines have an accuracy of up to 0.13 mm. With this feature, the amount of scrap materials produced is lessened. 

Price consideration

Basic water jets that can cut porcelain and stones are priced around $70,000-100,000 in Sydney. Meanwhile, those that can cut metals are priced around $250,000-350,000. Getting one for your company is a huge investment, but its payoff is worth it. 

Aside from its cutting ability, another factor in the pricing of a water jet cutter is its size. It can be as small as 2×4 meters or as large as 6×12. Obviously, the bigger the machine, the more expensive it is. However, this expense can be offset because you will be able to produce more materials in a short amount of time.

Lastly, the amount of PSI that it exerts is also a determining factor for its price. The higher the pressure, the faster its cutting speed will be. However, a high-pressure water jet will also have decreased component life and shorter maintenance cycle. If you are going to buy a machine that is one in the higher end, expect that you will also be shelling out more money for maintenance. 

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Additional tips on buying

When buying a water jet in Sydney, it is best to look for an energy-saving machine. Since you are going to use it a lot of time, getting a water jet that runs for less than $20KW/hour is highly advised. It would also be best if you get your water jet machine from a Sydney-based company that offers online and on-site after-sales to maintain your precious investment.

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