Rolex or Omega: Which Should Be Your First Luxury Watch?

When you buy expensive products, you tend to compare different options to make better purchasing decisions. As much as possible, you have to avoid impulsive buying behavior. If you don’t know what it is, it just means that you purchase products without planning which is a foolish thing to do, especially when the products cost over a thousand dollars. 

Consider this scenario wherein you buy a luxury watch without doing your research. After purchasing, you find out better deals offering more innovative timepieces at lower prices. Knowing this will lead to regrets and dissatisfaction. To avoid the same ending, compare first your options. Are you torn between buying from the brand Omega and Rolex? Both of them are highly prestigious in the watchmaking industry, but they have distinct characteristics. Below are a few points that can help you decide where to buy your next watch!

Rolex vs Omega: Which is better?

If you ask several people a better luxury brand between Rolex and Omega, their answers will vary depending on their tastes and preferences. For several years already, watch collectors debate which brand is the real cream of the crop in the luxury watch industry. If you read their arguments, you will realize that each of them has something unique to bring to the table. Continue reading to know the key differences of the watch that will help you make the right choice for yourself.

The historical value


The brand entered the watch industry in the mid-1800s when Louis Brandt decided to open a small workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It was one of the few pioneers of innovative timepieces that are still successful today. However, the road to success wasn’t as easy as other people perceived it to be. It took the company a long period before it gained a wide audience worldwide. It became possible when it released its Labrador calibre dial, followed by the 19-ligne calibre in 1894. But the collection that appealed most to buyers across the world is the Omega Seamaster. The company designed it to become the official timepiece for the Olympics. Another notable collection was the Omega Speedmaster, as it was the first-ever watch that reached the moon.

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Hans Wilsdorf, together with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis founded the company in 1905. It is quite younger compared to Omega. After five years, when it started manufacturing timepieces, it received the Swiss Certificate of chronometric precision. In 1953, the brand became known as the watch used by the first men who conquered Mount Everest. They explored the mountain with the use of Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Aside from this, it’s popular for watches with outstanding performance in deep-sea experiments. Some of its models can withstand the condition in the water of up to 10 916 meters. Throughout the entire history of Rolex, it patented several movements and materials. 

The commitment to innovation

Both Omega and Rolex commit themselves to create highly innovative timepieces. They have a long history of developing timepieces with unique materials, movements, and complications. Aside from this, they made some of the most important contributions in the history of horology. Throughout their entire existence in the market, they maintained their consistency in innovating and developing their technology. 


Omega is more aggressive in changing their watches while upholding their heritage. Nowadays, it is popular for its Co-Axial movements responsible for the outstanding chronometric performance of its watches. The majority of watch collectors love it because it comes with a four-year warranty and longer service intervals. This innovation happened because Omega industrialized the design of the British master craftsman named George Daniels. Aside from this, the company also introduced the calibre 8500 that is among the most high-tech calibres on the market. This type of calibre makes the watch resistant to over 15 000 gausses with a 60-hour power reserve.


Rolex is more careful in introducing new technological advancements in their watches because they don’t want to compromise the reputation and integrity of the company. It started the water-resistance technology in 1926 when it developed the screw-down crown. Besides that, it released the very first automatic winding mechanism in the form of its Oyster Perpetual. In recent years, the company focuses on the improvement of its materials rather than its exterior. It patented oyster steel alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and Cerachrom, a hard ceramic material that can resist scratches.   

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The resale value

Between Omega and Rolex, which brand has a greater value for your money? Which would you consider as investment watches? Would you have any monetary gains when you try to sell them in the secondary market? These questions matter to ensure that you can still get back the money you will use to purchase a luxury watch sometime in the future. When it comes to resale value, Rolex outshines Omega. It is the brand with the highest resale value even in the international market. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sell an Omega watch in the secondary market at a higher price. It is just that you have a better chance of earning more when you buy a Rolex today and you decide to offer it for sale after years of use.


Knowing the product’s warranty is important because it will let you bring back the item to the seller once you find any defects or experience malfunctions. Both Omega and Rolex offer timepieces with impressive warranties. Unlike the majority of luxury brands with only a 2-year warranty, they offer a longer duration. They are willing to repair, replace or refund the product within five years.

In a Nutshell

In this article, you learned about the key differences between Omega and Rolex. These learnings would help you identify the perfect watch for your needs. There is no universal answer as to which brand is better. It depends on your tastes, preferences, and budget. If you want to take a look at some of the fantastic Omega and Rolex watches, then visit now!

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