4 Ways To Remain Active When You Don’t Enjoy Workouts

Exercise is important for everyone, but it doesn’t mean everyone enjoys workouts in the same way. Some people thrive on hours spent in the gym, while others may become seriously distracted or disheartened when it comes to even a ten-minute workout at home. Everyone works out differently, with exercises they enjoy and don’t enjoy, and the key to a healthy lifestyle is to find a way to be active which doesn’t feel like a huge chore.

If you’re not a fan of dedicated workouts or time spent on gym machines, then here are 4 ways you can introduce more activity into your life.

  1. Switch Up Your Commute

If you’re heading to and from work every day, then your commute can be a great opportunity for getting in more exercise. If your work is close by, you may want to consider walking or cycling instead of driving. If your workplace is a significant distance away, you may still be able to switch up your routine, such as walking to a train station 20 minutes away and using public transport from there, instead of taking a train all the way from your home.

  1. Introduce an Active Dog to Your Home

A dog is a fantastic way to remain fit and active every single day without it feeling like a heavy-duty workout. For the best results, consider a highly active breed (as long as you have the time and patience to take care of it) so that it means plenty of long walks and time spent on your feet and outdoors. Medium to large-sized dogs are the best for exercise potential, as opposed to very small dogs who may not like too much time spent running around.

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A dog is not only a great way to ensure daily walks, but it also opens up more active lifestyle opportunities, such as long scenic hikes or dog-walking vacations.

Remember to always find a vet you can rely on, too, like for your new pet.

  1. Think Differently About Your Downtime

Try to think of ways you can move around more while doing what you would usually do so that you don’t have to sacrifice anything about your routine that you enjoy. If you usually grab coffee with friends, could you choose a takeout coffee to stroll around the local park instead of sitting at the table inside? If you enjoy reading, could you take the book to the local park bench instead of sitting on your couch?

Also, for general errands, is your store close enough to walk to and from for a few basic items instead of hopping in the car?

  1. Take the Stairs

It’s something very simple that will always help, and it won’t disrupt any plans you have. Taking the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator in public shopping malls, public car parks, apartment buildings, or in your office building will help you get in much-needed exercise without you even thinking about it.

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