Is It Possible To Completely Get Rid of Rats?

Get Rid of Rats

Rats are a nuisance as they are capable of gnawing through electrical wires. This increases the likelihood of you having power issues, short circuits, and even house fires. They are also capable of damaging your insulation, interior drywall, and an array of other damage to your home. In effect, they can damage the equity you have in your house.

Alongside this, rats are known to carry a variety of diseases, none of which you want to contract and some of which can be deadly.

The good news is that you can keep rats out of your home. It is possible to eliminate all the ones in your home and keep them out. Naturally, killing every rat in the world is not feasible or a good idea.

To start with, you need to assess the seriousness of your rat problem. It is best to get the local experts in pest control to take a look at your home and advise what they find.

They won’t just tell you if you have rats, they’ll locate the nest and be ready to treat it. All you have to do is click here to get the process started.

You should note, the best approach is to eliminate the rat. If you capture it and release it elsewhere it will find its way back to its nest: that’s in your home.

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Poison Bait

This is one of the most popular ways to kill rats is by putting down traps and using poisoned bait. This is an effective method although you will only target one rat at a time. If you have a serious infestation this won’t be fast enough to combat the issue.

The experts will spray the nest and any routes they are likely to take around your home with poison, speeding up the process.

Use Cat litter

Rats are scared of cats as the cat will naturally chase and kill the rat. Even if you don’t have a cat you can place the cat litter near the areas you know the rats use. This will alert them to the presence of a cat and can often be enough to persuade them to move on.

Of course, you can actually get a cat which will speed the process up even more.

Use Owl Feathers

If you can identify the nest then place several owl feathers into the nest. This will convince the rats that an owl has visited and their lives are in danger. They will pack their bags and vacate your premises.

Of course, it’s a good idea to get the experts to verify that the rats have gone.

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Seal Your Home

Eliminating rats prevents them from returning to your home. But, it doesn’t stop other rats from paying you a visit. To make sure other rats can’t get in, go slowly around the inside and outside of your home and seal all the gaps you find.

Remember, rats and other rodents can get through surprisingly small gaps, seal every crack you see.

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