Does Hiring a Sex Crime Attorney Make You Look Guilty?

Make no mistake, if you find yourself accused of a sex crime you are facing a serious situation where your reputation and even your liberty could be in jeopardy.

With that sort of threat hanging over you, it stands to reason that you would want to seek out the sort of professional guidance that you need to deal with that scenario. That is a fundamental reason why you would want to appoint a sex crime attorney with a good track record.

The question you might ask is whether that makes you look guilty by appointing a sex crime attorney.

Consider the consequences

There will always be a minority of people who will draw the conclusion that if you have hired a lawyer you must be guilty and are using a lawyer to try and escape the consequences.

However, when you look at the seriousness of the situation you are facing, especially if you are accused of some sort of sex crime, that is a scenario where you have to get serious about defending your liberty and your reputation.

Hiring a lawyer is the smart and sensible thing to do in the circumstances. You need someone on your side who has experience when it comes to representing clients facing the sort of charges being put to you.

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The bottom line is that hiring a defense lawyer is the most sensible and intelligent thing to do in the circumstances. It tells the authorities that you are serious about clearing your name and ensuring that your side of the story is heard properly.

Why do you need a lawyer if you are innocent?

Another obvious question to ask is that if you are innocent of the charges being made against you why should you need to use a lawyer in the first place?

The harsh reality of the way the legal system tends to work is that mistakes can be made and the facts can easily be misinterpreted. There can be a bias towards securing a conviction, for whatever reason, and even though that would not be administering justice in the right way you can’t leave anything to chance.

Even when are entirely innocent it is imperative that you appoint a lawyer to defend you and protect your liberty and reputation. Your attorney will have the intelligence and know-how to make sure that the facts of the case are presented in the correct way.

That means following procedural rules and making sure that things like witness statements and circumstantial evidence are presented correctly.

No time to worry about how it looks

All things considered, if you are facing some charges against you it is not the time to be worried in any way about how it looks to hire a lawyer.

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Your intentions may be good when it comes to cooperating with the police and helping to clear the matter up as swiftly as possible but the reality of this sort of serious situation is that this is not the time to take matters into your own hands in an attempt to put your side of the story.

Instead, you should get to see your lawyer as quickly as possible and get them to help put the matter straight in the best way possible.

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