Types of Banner Signs for Advertising

With the popularity of digital marketing techniques, businesses continuously look for ways to reach more and more potential customers. However, some companies including small as well as major brands still use traditional methods of marketing.

Although no business can underestimate the importance of digital marketing, traditional methods like banner signs still work best if used properly for a targeted audience. Let us check the types of banner signs used by companies for advertising their products and services.


Billboards are the large size banners used by major brands for advertising of products and services. However, the cost of the creation of billboards is high due to their large size.  They offer maximum exposure to the viewers and can be seen from a distance.

If used with the right images and graphics, billboards can promote your business effectively and help you reach the maximum potential customers in less time. Billboards are usually made of vinyl material and known as billboard vinyl signs in Brisbane.

Pull-Up & Retractable Banners

The pull-up and retractable banners are the two-way banners that show the advertisement on both sides. Businesses use them for trade shows and indoor advertising in shopping malls and stores. They are easy to collapse and transport to any place.

However, they are small and cannot be made broader than five feet. The pull-up banners are best for advertising your business in events and exhibitions. Business in Brisbane also uses the pull-up banners as office signage Brisbane for guiding people.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are the best to use both in indoor and outdoor locations as the vinyl material is tear resistant. You can create the vinyl banners in small size for indoor use and in large size for outdoor advertising.

Moreover, they are weather resistant and do not get damaged by the rainwater or harsh sunlight. You can roll them but cannot fold as folding will develop crease that cannot be undone. They are durable than the fabric banners but not suitable for all locations.

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Pop-Up Booths and Displays

Pop up booths and displays are used by businesses for advertising their products, or services in an event. Usually, they extend across a wall or exhibition shell and can be installed within a few minutes by the professionals.

The pop up booths are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in proper locations. In addition to advertising your products and services, they also promote your brand among the visitors in an event.

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are the best for use in events like sports matches and presentations. The neutral backdrops are essential for booths and presentations as the photographers need to click good pictures. Moreover, the environment should not distract the keynote speakers.

Step and repeat banners are used to cover the boring backdrops and advertise the logo, name, and brand of your business. The repetition of the name and logo of your company makes the viewers aware of your business and through photos and videos.

Suspended Banners & Hanging Banners

The hanging banners can create a fantastic impact on the viewers when appropriately used in shopping malls and indoor locations. Companies use and install them to display their advertisements above crowds in the malls and other relevant sites to promote visibility to maximum people.

Although their installation is difficult as most of them are suspended from the ceiling, they can bring you good results from advertising.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are the most durable banners for usage in outdoor locations. As the name suggests, they have small perforations in their material that allows the passage of air through them. They can be used in areas that experience frequent winds and rains.

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The winds and rains don’t affect the mesh banners due to the perforations in them. They are weatherproof and can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Suitable for usage in any location they continue to advertise your products and services in all seasons.

Construction banners

These are the mesh banners made of aluminum that is used on the fencings and other areas of construction sites. The real estate companies advertise their business using construction banners. They suffer harsh conditions like dirt, sand, and winds. Therefore, mesh banners are used for advertising of projects on the construction sites.

Fabric banners

Fabric banners are made of satin or polyester that offer a stunning display of the text, colors, and graphics for advertising. Unlike the vinyl banners, they are crease resistant and easy to collapse and transport to any place. Fabric banners are quite easy to install and do not require special technicians for installation. They are cheaper than other types of signage like mesh banners and billboards.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are the banners that business use on cars, trucks and other vehicles. Using vehicle wraps is the best way to advertise in locations where local laws do not allow the installation of banner signs.

It is the best way for startups and small businesses to advertise their business and create brand awareness. Moreover, vehicle wraps allow you to choose a specific location for targeted advertising.

Final words

These are the common types of banner signs businesses use for advertising of products, services, brand, and events. Billboards, vinyl banners, fabric banners, and mesh banners are best for outdoor advertising as they offer maximum exposure to the viewers. Retractable banners and hanging signs are the best for advertising in retail stores and indoor locations.

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