How to Tell If You Need Extra Help With Digital Marketing

In House or Outsource – How to Tell If You Need Extra Help With Digital Marketing

Do you continue to struggle on managing every aspect of your business or do you seek to outsource certain areas of business functions? Deciding what to outsource is a question of both budget and understanding what help and support it is your business needs to continue to grow. Digital marketing is one aspect you could outsource to an expert digital marketing agency in Cheshire, but how do you know when to make the move?

When you don’t have the right level of digital marketing skills

Setting up social media, experimenting with pay per click, reading around the broader subject of SEO – there is so much to digital marketing that it’s hard to know when to stop and where to start.

At some point, no matter what your current level of digital marketing skills, there will come a time when they are simply not enough. Tapping into a local digital marketing agency means you tap into fantastic skills and people with all the latest info on digital marketing trends.

When you don’t have the time to pay attention to digital marketing

Digital marketing, no matter what aspect of it, eats away at time. With your working day already full to the brim with other business stuff, like finding new customers, engaging with loyal ones and so on, digital marketing can sometimes be an after-thought.

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Or it can be seen as something that is swallowing more and more time, taking time away from other just as important core business activities. If you feel you are not giving digital marketing of your business the time and effort it really needs, then outsourcing is a shrewd move.

It’s all getting a bit ‘the same’

Digital marketing is necessarily a creative function. Creativity means different things to different people, and it arrives in a different way too.

Here’s the rub: creativity can evade us too, and that means output becomes stale, with ‘stuff being the same’. The same old, same old formula is not the same as sticking with something that works but even making tweaks and updates to what you have always done can be a big ask if creativity is stalled.

A digital marketing agency will breath fresh air into everything you do online. They will bring a new, different and fresh perspective, suggesting things you may not have thought of which will, in turn, bring new business too.

You’re not sure what you are doing is actually working

How do you analyse, monitor and track your digital marketing tools, tactics, and activities? You don’t?! So how do you know that it is working, reaching the right people and worth all the effort, time and money?

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Monitoring digital marketing, understanding what is working and what needs tweaking is part and parcel of any digital marketing agency service – or it should be! If you are not sure it’s working, it’s time to outsource your digital marketing.

You’re not getting hits or traffic to your blog/website/social media

This is a sure sign that what you are doing is clearly off the mark but here’s the significant bit: if you are not sure how to fix it, then this is a clear sign you need to work with a digital marketing agency.

You don’t have a digital marketing strategy

Throwing out random tweets, updating your Instagram with a flurry of posts and stories or blogging now and then will yield few, if any results. If you don’t have a strategy, you need a digital marketing agency on your side to push your business forward online.

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