Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and everyone has started browsing the best mothers day gift. But no one has thought of the flowers yet. It is one of the best mothers day gifts to show love, care and affection. Flowers represents the real emotions of a human being. Therefore, the different colors of flowers signify a different meaning. Here are some of the best mothers day flowers which are ideally suited for this occasion. This year send mothers day flowers to India and get online mothers day flowers delivery in India.

Mother is your first inspiration, motivation and ideal person in your life who helps you to grow and makes you a better person. She has made endless efforts to makes you happy every single time. Now, it’s your duty to tribute her and make her feel special. You should adore your mom and appreciate her for what she has done for you. This year, order the mothers day flowers and get the same day delivery online. Some of the essential flowers who holds the meaning of these special occasions are carnations, roses, and lilies.


Carnations express love, fascination, and distinction. Every carnation carries uniqueness according to the significance of colors. There are pink, dark red, red and white carnations. The pink carnation reflects a mother’s love and the deep red carnation reflects the women’s affection. Red symbolizes admiration and white carnations represent pure love. This mothers day pick up the lovely carnation and order online for your mom and get delivered to India. This is the best way to say thank you to your mom for always being there for you.


Human beings admire Roses for ages. The different kinds of roses are red, pink, orange, white and lavender. These different colors of roses signify different meanings. Red rose to define love. Pink rose to explain the gratitude and appreciation; orange represents desire and passion. White rose to symbolize purity in love. Lavender represents love at first sight, and your mom is your first love because when you opened your eyes, you saw the most special person in your life, and that is your mom. This mother’s day roses are the best option to send mothers day gift online to show gratitude to your mom.

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Lilies reflect beauty and purity. The different colors of lilies are white, pink, red, orange and yellow. The meaning of red flowers signifies passion, and pink represents prosperity and abundance, white lilies reflect purity and virtue, orange lilies symbolize confidence, pride and wealth and yellow lilies symbolize thankfulness. This mother’s day sends the lilies to your mom and makes her feel blessed. Thank her enough for what she has been doing for you.

These are the lovely mothers day flowers send to India to admire your mom. Other than that, there are various gifts to pamper your mom. The best gift you can give along with flowers are cakes, chocolates, sweets, saree, jewellery, watches, perfume, gourmet, gift vouchers, hampers, personalized mugs and cushions, frames and many more. This mother’s day makes a selfless effort to make your mom happy and schedule her full day with her favourite activities.