Top Lies Every English Speaking Institutions Will Tell You

It is a fact that many institutes that offer spoken English courses mostly share half-truths or lies to their students. Such information prevents students from making a wise decision before joining it. However, any candidate searching for the best spoken English institute should get a fair picture of it before investing his/her time and money. It would also help the student to join a course or an institute based on truthful preferences. So, here is a list of lies:

Learn English in a Day or 24 Hours

Many times, institutes offer clickbait titles to attract attention to their audience. However, learning spoken English in 24 hours or a day is not realistic as the language comprises many aspects. Some of them include pronunciation, fluency, MTI, vocabulary, and conversations. In addition to this, English contains many grammar rules that might not be easy to comprehend. It also consists of active and passive voice, tenses, nouns, etc. Therefore, excelling in all such aspects in a day can prove challenging. 

However, if the institute offers 24-hour classes spread out across a few days, e.g., such as 24 days with an hourly, 45 or 30 minutes class, it is possible to learn all aspects of the language with ease. 

A Promise of Personalized Attention in Batches or Group

Some centres are also willing to offer personalized attention to their students in groups or batches. However, making such promises may be half-true. Often tutors try to answer most of the student’s questions. However, they also have to teach a lesson to help their students qualify for their course and eventually, their upcoming exams, interview, and relocation. At times, institutes offer specialized doubt sessions. 

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However, such classes and sessions often lead to dismissing specific student questions and relieving them of personalized attention. Therefore, it doesn’t offer value for money. However, an individual online spoken English class with a tutor guarantees doubt clearing on an everyday basis. For the same reason, individual courses cost more than group classes. 

Group Speech Practice

Spoken English group classes often consist of batches of twenty or more pupils. The maximum duration of such English speaking course in Delhi may last as long as two hours with the teacher explaining the grammar rules and giving out filling in the blank, MCQs, and other forms of question paper to the students to solve. After that, the tutor would explain the answer and the grammar rules that it follows. The time remaining after that is not more than twenty minutes. 

Therefore, in a batch of twenty students, each one wouldn’t get more than one minute to improve fluency, speech, pronunciation, intonations, and more during every class. A first-time learner would find it exceedingly hard to overcome MTI in such a short span. He/she may require much more speech time to become a fluent native English speaker, develop confidence, personality, listening, and interpretation skills. But spoken English classes for individuals can deliver this promise with undivided attention to a person during the entire session. 

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