Basic Tips to Improve Written Communication Skills

Improve Written Communication Skills

Office or workplace communication requires stating your need or requirement to another person in chats, texts, WhatsApp messages, and emails. However, numerous tips need to be kept in mind while sending any textual communication to a colleague. Some of them are as follows:

Make it Easy to Understand

Whether you are senior, mid, or low-level management, it is always required to make your textual communication easy. At times, it may be easier for the receiving person to understand if you already know him/her or have an interpersonal relationship. On the other hand, if you are entirely new to the organization and urgently require to get a few tasks done, it is essential to state your needs formally. 

For example, if you require a mouse to assist with your computer, you can write a formal email. A casual conversation on text, chat, and WhatsApp wouldn’t suffice your need. A formal request would get the job done faster due to the ticket closure time that IT heads of most companies issue. 

Anticipate FAQs

At times, you may need to state the FAQs and your requirement so that the process can finish smoothly. Moreover, taking an effort to reduce the reader’s effort would make you empathetic with them. Hence build a stronger future relationship. These come in handy when you need assistance from the same person during odd hours or immediately. 

However, it would be best if you didn’t get overboard because most people don’t appreciate a “know-it-all” personality. Instead, you can politely ask the person to “get back to you for any more information” at the end of the conversation. Since everyone at the workplace is trying to put their best foot forward, you may not receive any further queries and lead to an end. 

Make Your Messages Crisp

Although the first two points would obligate you to write a long message; however, it would confuse the reader. Therefore, it is essential to send chats, texts, and WhatsApp conversations of no longer than two sentences. Also, it would be best if you had an ideal length of 50 to 125 words. It is regarded as an industry standard for most industries. According to research, delivering such messages would increase the response rate by 45%. 

Put Yourself in the Readers Shoes

One of the best ways to improve written communication skills is to put yourself in the reader’s shoes or take the best app for IELTS preparation. By doing so, you would realize the unnecessary word usage, sentences, and meanings. In addition to this, you can always ask for a second opinion from any of your team members. It would give you an insight into workplace etiquette and the ideal conversation practices to get the work done faster. Besides this, it would save your time and energy spent on thinking and creating a message. The reader is more likely to respond more quickly in such a scenario and may even appreciate your written skills. 

Apart from this, you can research different types of formal emails, texts, and messages online to get a basic idea about written skills and learn industry jargon.

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