How Many Business Cards Should I Order? A Simple Guide

how many business cards should i order

Maybe you recently opened one of the 30 million-plus small businesses in the US. Perhaps you got a big promotion recently. Perhaps you’re getting serious about your side hustle.

If so, you’ll probably start asking something like:

“Should I get business cards?

Right after that, you probably ask:

“How many business cards should I order?”

Deciding if you should get business cards and how many isn’t a cut-and-dried issue. If you’re struggling with this now, keep reading for a quick guide on ordering business cards.

Do You Have a Design?

Before you consider the “how many” question, you must first address the design question. While most business card printers will give you options, it’s still on you to develop a final design.

If you’re not happy with the necessary options offered by the company, consider some business card templates. These can help you pick a look, or you may find the exact design you need.

Is Your Business High-Volume?

Many businesses depend on a high volume of customers or orders for success. That means you’ll either interact with or send shipments out to a lot of customers. Ideally, you’ll give a business card to every customer or drop one in every package sent.

Since these customers or orders typically involve smaller prices with smaller profit, you’ll want basic card quality. If you track your customer or order volume, you can make a reasonably accurate guess about how many cards you’ll need over the next month or year.

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Suppose you don’t have that information handy, order 500-1000 cards. Then, keep an eye on how fast they go out the door. You can adjust up or down from there on future orders.

Is Your Business Focused on a Small Number of Clients?

Some businesses focus on selling high-ticket products or services to a comparatively low number of clients. In this remote work world, many freelancers also deal with a limited number of clients in person.

In these cases, quality matters over quantity in most cases. You want a card that comes on heavy stock with the highest quality of printing.

That makes your card feel more substantial. It can also make you more memorable.

Again, if you know the volume of people you deal with, you can make an educated guess. If not, start with 50-100 cards. That should give you enough that you’ll feel comfortable handing them out to the handful of potential clients you meet.

How Many Business Cards Should I Order? Enough for Your Needs

Answering the question of how many business cards I should order isn’t easy. Ordering business cards is not a science or even an art. It’s a process of best guesses.

High-volume businesses need more basic cards for foot traffic or packages. Low-volume firms with a small number of clients need fewer cards of better quality.

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However, pinning down an exact number is a matter of tracking how many cards you give out over time. Once you know that, you can order the right number every time.

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