9 Reasons to Choose Online English Speaking Course

Reasons to Choose Online English Speaking Course

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the globe. However, it could be claimed to be the second most widely spoken native Indian language after Hindi. Therefore, the importance of online English speaking course in India has risen over the past decade. Besides the primary reason, there are many other reasons to opt for an online spoken English course, such as:

Enhances Fluency

Although there are many daily verbal communication practices with self and a second person, we often get too excited in the beginning, then lazy, and finally, quit learning a new language. However, an online spoken English course would provide a class curriculum, timing, and daily interaction with your tutor. 

The personal video sessions would indulge you in many speaking activities. Speaking would also make you fluent in the language much faster than a self-learning process. 

Can Be Taken from Anywhere

Another significant benefit of an online spoken English course is that it can be taken anywhere around the globe with an internet connection. It can be done on Android phones through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or other video conferencing apps. 

Also, the content shared during the sessions, including the tests, are either in Word or PDF format. They can also be done through online test sites, and Google forms, that do not require downloading file and demand only answer submissions. Also, the tutors share the results through the websites and forms, or via video conferencing apps. 

Equivalent to an Offline Course

The value of an online course certification is no less than that of an offline institute course. It also adheres to the same curriculum, class timings, fee structure, tutors, and study material. One can even say that an online spoken English course can sometimes carry more weightage than an offline course from a reputed institution or a renowned person. 

The certification enhances the selection weightage of candidates during job and university interviews, and even during the speaking section of competitive exams like IELTS and TOEFL. 

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Confined Sessions

Usually, an online spoken English course involves personal one-to-one classes between the learner and the tutor. Therefore, the interaction focuses on growing the English speaking skill sets of a single person. On the other hand, offline spoken English courses take batches of students with a similar level of language knowledge. 

Therefore, prioritizing a single person in a batch of 10-30 students become nearly impossible for the trainers. Hence, online spoken English courses provide a much better learning experience, especially to new learners. 

Clears All Doubts

A 30-minute elite class can help a person clear all doubts within it and in the prior sessions. On the other hand, as stated before, an offline course involves batches of students with a similar language knowledge level. There could be many doubts that a batch of 10-30 students can have compared to a single person. 

So, clearing all doubts during the session becomes problematic for the trainer, unless they have a separate Q & A session. Such problems do not arise during a personalized online English speaking course centered around a single person, and his/her doubts get cleared during every class. 

Based on a Single Person’s Learning Experience

As specified above, an online spoken English course involves one-to-one classes with a tutor. If one applies for batch classes, the tutor could pay attention to all students because it is mostly limited to ten. Also, online video conferencing apps allow tutors to switch on the muted voice buttons one-at-a-time. 

Therefore, there is no class chaos. Unfortunately, keeping people contented in an offline class is not that easy, even though people have paid a cost to learn language skills. An online English-speaking course focuses on improving the speech, fluency, communication, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence formation, accent, clarity, comprehension, knowledge, grammar, and real-life situations of a single person. 

Offers More Value for Money

Based on differences between an online and offline spoken English course, we can clearly state that the former offers more value for money than the latter. An online course is centralized around a single person, gives the tutor’s undivided attention to the learner, provides study material in savable formats, does not require anything but an internet friendly device, and teaches spoken English faster. 

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Additionally, an online English speaking course has the same tutor throughout all the sessions, so there is a more personalized connection between the tutor and the learner if the latter wants to stay in a relationship after the sessions. Also, the students remove hesitation in clearing their doubts because they become familiar with the teaching format as the sessions progress. 

Makes a Learner More Digital Friendly

New English language learners often face difficulty in understanding the rules, tools, and content. However, an online English speaking course removes their hesitation by explaining them the aptest usage. They become more digital-friendly as they learn about file sharing, emailing, and textual communication. 

An online spoken English class would also teach about digital skills like video conferencing, file downloading & uploading, emailing, Google forms, etc., to new internet usage learners. Also, the rules of spoken English can improve the writing of a person. Additionally, it will also enhance the reading and listening skills. All these three language skills become complementary to speaking skills. Therefore, an online spoken English class can prove to have many supplementary benefits aside from the primary advantages. 

Flexible Timings

The most significant advantage of online spoken English classes is that it allows learners to choose their class timing schedule from the available time slots. SimpliEnglish has 37 experienced tutors working on weekdays between 7:00 A.M and 10:00 P.M. (IST). Every session lasts for 30 minutes, and there are a total of 20 sessions. Besides this, learners can take three pre-notified holidays. The flexibility of timings makes it convenient for college students, housewives, and office employees to attend classes from the vicinity of their homes without worrying about traveling and returning. 

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